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Take this opportunity, network admins and support pros, to post your Windows Server 2003 questions, enter comments about our WS2K3 e-newsletter, and offer suggestions for future tips.

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This is scary!

by T Bowman In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

I don't mean to be rude, but some of these folks need to get some training or at least do some reading.

Start here:

I might also suggest: Mastering Windows Server 2003 by Mark Manasi - especially if you have no experience on Windows 2000 and ADS.
I certainly encourage questions and will help all I can, but one must get a good foundation.

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by djent In reply to This is scary!

You get a double your money back warranty with any of this advice.

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Windows 2003 Project Plan

by administrator In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion


I'm going to be upgrade our PDC from NT 4.0 to win2k3 in the coming months. Can anyone provide a project plan that they might have used or advise how i wshould go about creating a project plan. Ii dont want to be left with egg on my face as Ii have never run this type of project before.

Kind Regards,

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MS links

by tomereynolds In reply to Windows 2003 Project Plan

These should help alot.

Upgrading from Windows NT Server 4.0

There seems to be some "monitored" news groups where technical questions can be answered.

There also appears to be a section dedicated to PDC to W2K3 upgrades. Good Luck!


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Shadow Copies on Win2003

by thongthe In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

I think there is still a bug. Under the Located on this volume, It does not allowed me to change the disk (c: to d:). Are there any service pack?

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Put simply NO

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Shadow Copies on Win2003

The only provided hot fix for 2003 is a small patch for IE6 and so far that's all that's been realeased for 2003. Acording to MS it susposed to be the most secure OS that they have so far released and out of the box it's susposed to run without problems or so they say.

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Shadow Copies of Win2003

by davidza In reply to Shadow Copies on Win2003

To change the location setting after enabling Shadow Copy of Shared Folders you will need to "disable" the target volume. Doing so will enable you to select a different storage area location. However, you will loose any shadow copies created underthe original storage location. So take caution in making these changes.

Dave Zank
Technical Product Manager
Microsoft Windows Server 2003

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Compelling Reasons to Migrate to WS2K3?

by black_eyed_pea In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

Is there yet a strong case to migrate from Win2K3 to WS2K3? What about from MSSQL7/MSSQL2K to MSSQL2K3? Exchange 2K to Exchange 2K3? I'd like to see compelling reasons for each. I'd also like to know if the community thinks it is still necessaryto wait for SP1 to be released or if Microsoft's method of eating its own dogfood is finally paying off.

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WS2K3 drivers and software

by k-n-ballantyne In reply to Compelling Reasons to Mig ...

I have recently deployed a new server and have had a relativley good experience for a new eeease product.

My major issue is still getting software that will run backup's under 2k3. Seagate have apparently released an upgrade version (at an addtional cost) of software but none at this stage for new installs. The rest of the install was relatively straight forward.

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Compelling Reason #2

by tomereynolds In reply to Compelling Reasons to Mig ...

Compelling Reason #1

It is stable right out of the box, even pre-SP1.

I've been running W2K3 Server for over 6 weeks on my IBM laptop and it has yet to crash. I can't believe it is this stable. (Well there was one slowdown, but I caused it by loading Nortel VPN drivers for 2000.)

I have always waited (leasons learned many years ago) until after the first SP before running a MS OS in production, so I would reccommend that users wait until SP1. I am still amazed though.

If you need a new server, go for W2K3. I would be hard pressed to explain why an upgrade was nessesary from W2K. But yes, migrate all Nt4 boxes to W2K3 when the time comes.


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