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by RicardoMenendez In reply to Compelling Reasons to Mig ...

I'm not a messaging or OS system expert and can still think of a quite a few upgrading reasons. But refered to DBMS SQL Server 2K is much a more solid player than 7 was. It fixes endless flaws and limitations from the previous versions. I always believe client OS upgrades are 50% technical, 50% based on GUI improvements or not-so-important-or-demanded features but as to server upgrades Windows has proven to take server upgrades really seriously. Windows 2K Server is such an enormous change regarding NT4 as W95 was from Win 3.11...Serious flaws at launching date haven't been an issue for quite a while (Exch Serv 2K3, Win XP, even SQL Serv 2K) so I guess it's worth the risk at least getting the chance to gain hands-on experience with the OS these first months.

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AD Group Policy delay to clients

by obFuscAted In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

AD Group Policy synchronization to clients works on its own timetable. Check out this post for more info:

<a target="_blank" href="">Click Here</a>

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URL was mangled by this forum

by obFuscAted In reply to AD Group Policy delay to ...

REMOVE the blanks that this forum apparently inserts into URLs: 56#post1351356

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migrating from win2000 to 2003 please help

by MAXI2X In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

i have a big problem. i have two domain controller in my network i want to migrate from 2000 to 2003.i also have any exchange server running in network.i am also changing my server two server to new ones.It is the new ones i want to migrate to 2003.It is a new server with no operting system.i do not want my exchange to stop working.after migrating, i want all my 500 user to log on to the domain.i also want to replace my two domain names while migrating.i will not used the the old name.i want you to really help me with solution.

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Hey!!! This is not a Problem.

by alvaro6 In reply to migrating from win2000 to ...

Hi Maxi, This is not a big problem, you just have to document your self about how to do this, then you will see the many alternatives out of the box with these excellent pair of prodcuts(Win&Exch).
This subject is not as simple or short to give just the correct answer, there are more than one alternative when upgrading or migrating you SW or HW, but the best alternative depends more on your specific scenario.
Some questions comes now to my mind:
What is the version your production Exchange Servers?
What are the Services Packs intalled on the OS and Exchange installatoin?
When you talk about domain names, are you talking about Active Directory domain names or just SMTP domain names for your message system, you don?t really have to have to change your AD domain name to get a different SMTP domain name for your message system. if you are talking about AD domain names, another alternative to do not worry about all your well :) stablished infrastructure and final users issues and ads. (Permissions def., interoperability between domains while migration, etc)could be use the new Win 2K3 feature: domain rename, but you must have your Forest functional level switched to Win2K3 & Exchange 2003+SP1 in native mode. with this new feature you will benefit a lot because of dealing of the administrative overhead a migration between domains implies.
So i will supose you have Windows 2000+SP3 and Exchange Server 2000+SP3 installed on your prod. environment, also i supose you will upgrade your SW, and thinking about the less interruption to your service and if you already have the new HW, a way you can do this Hardware Migration in a few words:
1. Install Windows Server 2003 on your new servers promote them as Domain Controllers, but before doing this please read:
2. you do not mention your Exchange version, so i asume is 2000, if this is real you already know the integration with AD, but please take time the time to read the Chapter 3 from the Exchange Server 2003 Technical Reference Guide, you can download it at:
3. Install on the new server Windows 2003, then install your new Exchange Server 2003 just as one more server in your actual organization. If you really do not want to consider this migration or upgrade decision,you have to read the appropiate content (almost everything) on this tow important guides:
a. The Planning an Exchange Server 2003 Messaging System guide will give you a clear idea, about the best path to do your migration or upgrade.
b. The Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide, contain all general details to make of your mig or upgr. the best plan to your scenario.
c. See also this KB:
Considerations when you upgrade to Exchange Server 2003

4. At work-off hours gradually move your users mailboxes to the new server.
5. At work-off hours replicate all the content of public folders on the new server, force replication inmediatly, wait for replication, be sure absolutly all of the contents had replicated to the new server, if positive eliminate replication inmediatly for the old server, be sure is working fine. in this point when i say public folders i?m talking about the manually created folders, NOT the system folders. see point 7.
6. Verify the correct function fo those two Exchange server. If positive at this time you will proceed to remove your old Exchange server.
7. Before you can safely remove your old Exchange Server you must do some aditional tasks described in this KBs:
a. XADM: How to Remove the First Exchange 2000 Server Computer from the Site**7
8. Now you have your new servers working with Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003, if your forest functional level is Windows 2003, and you are only working with Exchange 2K/2K3 servers, you will like to switch your Exchange mode to native, you will have some new interesting features with these levels.
9. Finally the best thing you can do before configuring any Exchange Server 2003 feature (really any server)is to read the appropiate guide, there are enough for IT Pro's at the Exchange Server 2003 Technical Documentation Library:
Also you will like this Exchange Server 2003 How-to guide:
I hope this will help you!,
regards and have a good readable weekend :)

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Sounds familiar

by JCAlexandres In reply to migrating from win2000 to ...

Hi ... I am almost in the same situation, but I already added a win 2003 to the 2000 domain, my case is that I have extra computers to do the process.

You need to run adprep in the master role server, this will prepare the domain to migration, I imagine you are using Exchange with active directory, so adprep will take care of that too, from there you will need to select a path for migration, either upgrading the actual servers or fresh setup of the 2003 OS on a new machine.

I will update you later as I work with my project.

Good luck!

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Compression in W2K3

by l_satchell In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

Has anyone tried using compression in Windows 2003? If so, any feedback?

Larry Satchell

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2000 migration to a new 2003 box

by santynet In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

Does any one have a project plan on migrating the a domain & A.D. from a 2000 Server to a new 2003 Server (Separate Box)?

I want to make sure I don't loose the domain.
Should I add it as a secondary PDC and replicate it? Would I be able to make it the primary PDC later? Any help would be appreciated.



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Renaming a domain after adding a win 2003 DC to a 2000 Domain

by JCAlexandres In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

I will like to know if anybody have run trough the dilema of adding a win 2003 DC to a win 2000-based domain ane then considering renaming the domain?

I have a win 2000 domain, the administrator before me named it, which I didn't like since started working here, but lived with it. Now I needed to add a win 2003 server, make it a domain controller, which I have achieved, but further I need to rename the domain to a domain we have registered, then add a win 2003 machine also DC to use Exhange 2003 Enterprise.

If anybody have any experience with the process I am doing, I will appreciate to post your experiences and things to consider when renaming, since I have an enterprise of 300 machines (WAN/VPN), which can't afford to have down.

Thank you!

Jorge Alexandres
Network Administrator

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Domain rename

by BFilmFan In reply to Renaming a domain after a ...

Once all the Windows 2000 domain controllers are gone, it shouldn't be an issue renaming the domain.

A good article on the topic is available here:

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