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Opinions requested by an antipodean

By jardinier ·
If it is not yet official, can we start with the assumption that Hillary will run with Obama. If they win government, how do you think this will affect America?

Incidentally the third (but far from insignificant) member of the COW will start withdrawing its troops from Iraq. I am not sure of the schedule but our PM Kevin Rudd has declared that they have done all they can do.

A Labor PM would never have sent Australian troops to Iraq in the first place.

Do you think a Democrat Government in the USA would have instigated the invasion?

Several questions, lots of opinions sought.

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They have to place so much emphasis

by TonytheTiger In reply to Oh, yeah

And what does trying to be cute about his grades have to do with todays handling of "the best interests of the people of this country."?

on 'intellect' to distract their intention of trying to avoid any real work.

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Everything, JD

by NickNielsen In reply to Oh, yeah

And what does trying to be cute about his grades have to do with todays handling of "the best interests of the people of this country."?

It demonstrates a continued history of poor performance.

And I don't "hate" Bush; I don't know the man. I do, however, greatly detest both the manner and direction in which he has led the United States, neither of which has demonstrated "the best interests of the people of this country."

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TtT brought up "real work" ... to defend George Walker Bush?

by $$$$$$$$$$ In reply to Oh, yeah

And I thought your ignorance of science smelled bad!

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Not specifically a defense...

by TonytheTiger In reply to Oh, yeah

More a dig on (most of?) the politicians who think they know what's good for us better than we do. It is the root of most of the world's problems.

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and jck, if you read one post before mine

by DanLM In reply to funny thing about Bush

You will find a slander of bush's intelligence. I brought up the 2 candidates that ran against him. I was specific and on topic with regard to their intelligence with references to their scores that are used to gauge that intelligence.

What I did jck was do a comparison and ask specifically which dumb yuck she voted for.

I also find it interesting you didn't address that Gore at one point had lower scores in his class's then Bush EVER had in his. But, your not slamming bush. Thats right.

[Boat load of edits] Nothing removed, just furthing the thought process here.

So jck, I'll ask you the very same question I asked delbert. Which dumb yuk did you vote for?

[final edit] Just because I made an assumption about delbert and them being female. I shouldn't have done that. Sorry... I can't remember to be honest, and that is sad. I read their posts all the time.

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One post before yours reads

by NickNielsen In reply to and jck, if you read one ...

"I've been spitting mad for almost eight years."

This is a slander? You're funny...not funny ha ha, funny strange.

If you mean the post before that, it mentions facts in public record and does not address intelligence at all.

For me, the answer to your question is none of them; the major parties have not fielded a qualified (as far as I'm concerned) candidate since I started voting. I vote responsibly by writing in.

Powell for President.

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Dan & Neil

by DelbertPGH In reply to and jck, if you read one ...

1. I voted for Gore, then for Kerry. I was not pleased with either of them, but I thought they were both improvements on GWB, and would have made better Presidents. I still think so.

2. Neil, I am confused... I've been mad for eight years because my country has been led by a divisively partisan, inept, and deluded amateur who has pretended to be President.

3. Dan, note that I never called him dumb, or referred to his college/high school/SAT scores. He's as good as dumb, but he's not the real thing. Most genuinely dumb men would probably not have trusted their judgement to take us into a crazy, risky adventure like war against a country of 30 million 5000 miles away. So maybe he's worse than dumb. But not unintelligent. I never slandered his intelligence, and do not now.

4. You notice that Kerry never made anything about Bush's college GPA, or suggested that Bush's Yale transcripts be released. Thas was probably because Kerry's own GPA at Yale was lower.

5. Lastly, where do you get the idea that "Delbert" is a female name? It's a klunker that was passed from my grandfather to my father to me. I suppose you could name a girl "Delberta" if you wanted to cruelly but passively torture her for her whole life. But I defy you to find any woman on this planet named Delbert who hasn't had a sex change. Come to think of it, I defy you to find anyone who would change her sex just so she could be named Delbert. Yeesh.

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delber, I have no bloody idea why I thought you was female

by DanLM In reply to and jck, if you read one ...

And I am sorry about that. I wasn't trying to be funny with that at all. I just for some reason thought that.


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I could have swore that I seen a reference to a C average student

by DanLM In reply to and jck, if you read one ...

in this paragraph.
For average Americans, the time was right for a President who didn't act like he knew any more about running the country than they did, but had the general ideas that they seemed to agree with. He was the kind of guy you could shoot the bull with over the barbeque, and have the feeling he was all right. Given the magic of 9/11, GWB's illusions, proclivities, support network, and tendency to wall himself off from any form of reflection, criticism, or restraint, brought forth the conditions of a perfect storm, and gave us Iraq.

But, quite obviously I didn't.

I appoligise.

I didn't post that to flame, I posted that because I truely thought I read you addressing his grades in context of the full paragraph. And I thought it should be addressed.


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Maybe the complainers seem to blend together after a while

by DelbertPGH In reply to and jck, if you read one ...

I know people have tried to make an issue out of GWB's mediocre grades in college. It never seemed like a real issue to me. It was always clear he was just more interested in screwing around as a college kid, rather than studying. Lots did. I had the same average.

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