Outlook 2003 causing CPU usage surges

By ruleb ·
I have a problem with Outlook using my processor in big surges. I have a new Dell Inspiron 9400 with XP Pro. I have a firewall, Spyware Doctor, Registry mechanic, McAfee and have run them all to check for viruses and spyware. I also downloaded AdwareAlert. Technical support from Dell said it must be a virus. I can't get an answer from Microsoft unless I pay them. They say it is Dell's responsibility. I am stumped. I only have the problem when Outlook is running. Anyone else had this problem?

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I am having the same problem and strangly enough we have the same laptop

by theunrealgladiator In reply to Outlook 2003 causing CPU ...

I also have a Dell Inspiron which is brand new just out of the box. As soon as I got it I replaced the XP home edition that was on there with XP pro. All the drivers where on the CD and even went online and matched to make sure I have the latest drivers. But before I did this I noticed that Internet Explorer seem to be having a problem with loading web pages. Even after I rebuilt it Internet Explorer still has the same problem, however it is not as bad as before. My am leaning toward either the NIC driver being the problem. I have taken steps that helped it. I have disabled Word as my default editor, I have disabled all of the add-ins, and still it persists on randomly taking about 33 to 40 percent of my CPU cycles. It maybe a default tcp\ip setting which is applied by the driver when it is installed. I am going to try to make adjustments and see if it helps because I really think that the error occurs when outlook is request information from the Exchange server. I am will return it if I can not repair it.

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It's microsoft again!

by dalenugen In reply to Outlook 2003 causing CPU ...

If you are running ie7, windows xp, and Office 2003 and you updated with 931768 or 933566, you are in the microsoft blender of incompatibility. You need to either uninstall ie7 or set office 2003 to open at "Office Today" then go to inbox and you'll be fine.
Microsoft, I hope you are listening because this is your problem and at the cost of your software you should have fixed this already.

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You are right!

by denslynch In reply to It's microsoft again!

I installed IE7 a few days ago, and installed both 931768 and 933566 updates today. Outlook has been very slow since. I tried uninstalling the updates (I was getting attached to the new look IE)and that has done the trick. Thanks for that.

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give the thumb! give the thumb!

by sgt_shultz In reply to It's microsoft again!

hey ireland, don't neglect to give the thumb to that person who answered you.

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Outlook 2003 causes CPU usage surge

by mhunter392 In reply to It's microsoft again!

Thank you. Changing Outlook 2003 to open on my "Outlook Today" folder cleared things up (for now).

Previously I had unchecked the Symnatec Av & Exchange Extensions property pages, but that fix lasted onyl a short while. Creating a new profile only worked for 3 days.

Good to see another "old timer" is actively involved.

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Many thanks...

by lakeside_dacha In reply to It's microsoft again!

I've hunted high & low for a solution to this Outlook 2003 CPU hogging issue and only came across your's today - much obliged. Microsoft at the very least owe you a public acknowledgement...D

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You're great

by pjthys In reply to It's microsoft again!

Have been puzzeling with this for weeks. Outlook was unusable, it took 30 seconds between typing a sentence and seeing it on my screen. Problems solved by starting with outlook today instead of inbox. Can't wait until MS falls over for good!

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