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Outlook 2003 Navigation Pane fonts

I want to modify the font that Outlook 2003 uses to display de Navigation Pane. I dont know if this can be done, can someone give me an idea ?

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Changing Outlook 2003 Navigation Pane Fonts

by In reply to Changing Outlook 2003 Nav ...

i did this by changing the font-size of "selected item" from windows display properties->advance option.

it should work for you as well.

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how to change Navigation Bar font ?

by sadeghiforum In reply to Outlook 2003 Navigation P ...

Does anybody knows how to change the font in the Navigation Bar inside folders in Outlook 2007 ?!!!
I mean not the main page by customizing View that friends mentioned above.

I uploaded an image to show you how exactly my goal & destination here :

click above on tinypic to watch it.
I hope you help me.
Thank you.

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Check out Outlook Tips

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Outlook 2003 Navigation P ...

Try either asking your question here:

or search the archives at

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At this time, NOT POSSIBLE...

by oshm In reply to Outlook 2003 Navigation P ...

From Microsoft's site;
At this time, you cannot change the font type, color, or size in the Navigation Pane.

However, our software development team is aware of this request, to be considered for future product releases.

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Previous suggestions worked for me

by adamweiler In reply to At this time, NOT POSSIBL ...

The suggestion mentioned previously - Go to windows display properties, appearance tab, advanced, then change your font for Menu. - Worked for me.

Of course, the drawback is that this will affect the menu and other fonts for the entire computer.

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It worked in Windows 2007 but not on Windows 7 Professional

by helenemaria In reply to Outlook 2003 Navigation P ...

I previously had small fonts (that's how I prefer them) in the Navigation pane in my Outlook 2007 installation on Windows 7. I do not remember if I did something to get it that way or if it was a default apperance. But, today I reinstalled Windows 7 to change from an Enterprise license to a Professional license, and now I have huge fonts in the Navigation pane and To-Do pane, and I cannot change it. I have really tried everything, also hints from this page.
It is OS version/package dependent?

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Changing theme solved it for Windows 7

by helenemaria In reply to Outlook 2003 Navigation P ...

I selected the same theme I had when the fonts looked as I wanted (Windows 7 Aero theme) and now it looks just fine. The font sizes decreased in Outlook's navigation pane and to-do pane AND in windows explorers. The question is thus how to find a way to manually decrease the font size and save it in a customized theme. I can only find instructions on how to INCREASE the font size. It would be good knowing what in the theme adjusts the font sizes; could perhaps reveal this little secret?

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