Outlook 2003 will not send email

By pthompson ·
Hello. This has been a reoccurring problem. I will create an email and it sends normally, no problem. Then all the sudden, I?ll notice emails I created just hanging in the outbox. I hit the send button, won?t go. No error messages popup. Authentication check box is selected in the email account settings. Ports are standard ports at 110 and 25. The company hosting the email is Then once you reboot the workstation, then the email sends normally. Antivirus system (Norton 360 is installed and the definitions are uptodate). The PST file was at 2 gigs, I created a archive pst and moved a lot of emails over to the archive pst file. So the Personal PST file is now at 800mb. There is no internal exchange server. Any suggestions to why outlook is doing this?

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Re: Outlook 2003 will not send email

Go into the send and receive option and select "send immediately". Hope this helps.

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This option is set

by pthompson In reply to Re: Outlook 2003 will not ...

This setting is already set. Also it's set to send and recieve every 10 min and set to send and recieve on exit. It's strange. It's almost as if it does not know that the outbox has any email in it. I ran spybot and adaware, they both discovered threats that it detected and eliminated. This following that, it work for about a day with no problems. Then today, the out box had 4 emails, no attachments, and the emails just sat in the outbox. I hit send and recieve and it says it send and recieved successfully. It also recieves email fine with no problems. Network solutions is the host and they have changed their outgoing port to 2525 from standard 25 (but either port works). When I do into task manager, I killed the process, then restarted outlook. Then it sents the emails in out box right away. This is very strange. My next step is to remove the outlook and reinstall it. Can you think of anything it could be. The system is completely updated with all critical updates. It's using norton 360 (set not to scan outgoing email), it is using verizon wireless sync to a pda phone. THis is office professional 2003 with xp professional service pack 2.

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There is another way to test, just download thunderbird at this address below.
if This does not work then it will be that Norton is the problem.

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I will try it

by pthompson In reply to Options

Thanks, i will try it.

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Identical problem here

by mdphoenix In reply to This option is set

And you've already found my solution. I end the task, then restart and it's fine. I have about 60 users under me. And it only happens to three or four of them on a regular basis. I'm not sure what the rhyme or reason is to it, but ending the task always fixes the issue.

We are running Norton as well. Every user is, so I can't say that's the problem. If you or anyone else comes up with anything, I'd be more than willing to try it.

Comparing notes with you, I think I'm running a pretty identical setup except Norton 360. We have Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition on each client with each server managing the clients at each location. Office 2K3 and XP SP2 on each unit.

I was hoping it was a critical update from MS, but nothing's come across Microsoft Update that's been of any help yet. Now that I know other's are having this problem, I'll look into it in more detail.

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I'll keep you in the loop

by pthompson In reply to Identical problem here

Yeah, this my other clients are using the Norton Groupware (i ran into a issue with dell optiplex systems with dual core and norton groupware. there is an issue with the sysmatec groupware and the chipset with optiplex dual core systems) and I have not ran into that problem yet with those clients (knock on wood). I have reduced the PSt file down to about 700md from 2.3 gb. I archived most of those old emails to the archive pst. But when my clients outlook opens, it opens both the regular personal pst and archive pst. I wonder if that may have anything to do with it. I have performed serveral office updates, but it has not fixed the issue. Also, some updates have crashed one system, updates pertaining to hardware video drivers (nvidia on dell precision systems). So i'm only now performing critial updates. I'm know it's not a certain email or contact causing the issue. It seem to be a issue with the outlook outbox fails to reconize that something is there. I ran adaware 7 and spybot, and it worked for that day only, then the problem reoccured the following day. My next step is to unintall the office suite and reinstall it.

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I'd tell you not to waste your time

by mdphoenix In reply to I'll keep you in the loop

But I know how us techies are. We don't believe anything unless we try it ourselves. But I've had it happen on clean computers. I'm talking, I've just installed the OS, Patches, and Software, and two days later, it's doing it. I'm sure you'll feel better about it after doing it yourself.

I noticed you're in Towson. I am, as well. Right now actually. :)

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by pthompson In reply to I'd tell you not to waste ...

Yeah your right. But it's kid of why we all join this site, so share knowledge and expertise. So I'll take your suggestion under consideration, it's about saving clients money. Well, I have to figure out something. I think peconet may be right. I'm going to try this theory tomarrow. I'm going to replace norton with avg and see what happens. This system is the president of the company's system.

Thanks cool your in towson. I'm located off pennsylvania ave. I have a small office there.

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I'm interested in the result

by mdphoenix In reply to Gotcha

Considering we have Norton as well. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants?

Thanks for the help. Hope you/we get this straight.

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by House71 In reply to Gotcha

Did anyone ever get a resolution to this? I have one user that can't send email using Outlook '03 or '07. He can receive fine, just no send. There are no sending limits imposed on his account through Exchange 2003. He connects using Outlook Client running OWA in the background as a proxy(I know it is clunky as ****, but thankfully I didn't set it up or am allowed to change it. Anyway, if he connects directly to OWA through IE he can send no problem. I have tried new profiles with 2 different user accounts. All with the same result of no send. The other two users in his office have no problems.

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