Outlook 2007 "Not Responding"

By nhiep_nguyen ·

I need your help.
I am using Win 7 Ultimate on my Fujitsu Siemens Laptop and Outlook 2007.
Recently my Outlook is very slow to open and very very often it does not respond when I click on it (whatever the item I click on).
I have to close it by clicking on the X at the upper right corner.
It then offers three option, i.e. Find a solution and restart Or Restart Or Wait for it to respond.
It happenned before from time to time, but now it hapens all the time.
I've checked with Elevated Command Prompt SFC /SCANNOW and no conflict is found.
I have installed Microsoft Security Essentials, Ad-Aware for security.
From time to time I run Malwarebytes too.
Thank you in advance for your help.

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by TobiF In reply to Processes

What does this audiolog do, which, obviously keeps your system rather busy?
What happens if you kill this process?

(I still believe you need to archive things from the data file, but it was intriguing to see that the system is very busy with some other business.)

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by NexS In reply to Processes

Had a squizz on google about this 'Audiolog.exe', and if you aren't running a call logging software then this 'audiolog.exe' is most likely malware...

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by brian In reply to Outlook 2007 "Not Respond ...

Another possibility...if you have archived your PST file and the new PST file is less than 2gb (outlook PST likes to be less than 2gb). It could be a failing HDD (had this happen on a system at work, it would only crash in outlook...had bad sectors in the location where the PST files were stored. I chased that problem for hours before finally giving up and running a HDD scan from seatools. There were no other symptoms of the hdd failing, just the outlook problem.). Just another possibility.

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Outlook 2007 Not Responding

by nhiep_nguyen In reply to Possibility

Hello All,

Thank you very much for your input.
I've tried to address the suggestions from you and here are the results of my investigation:
1/- I've run SeaTools on my discs, both Long and short generic test for Windows and for DOS.
The discs passed with flying colors.
2/- I've run Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Windows Malicious software Removal tools, Ad-Aware, Malewarebytes, and found a Trojan win32/Neop and removed it.
3/- I've archived my old files in outlook and "clean" all files older than two months. The results are an archive.pst file of 375 Mo, but my email_name.ost (Microsoft Office Outlook Offline folders) is still at 9 Go!But this is an offline file. I no longer have email_name.pst file. I am using a standalone Outlook, not connected to Exchange.

And I still have the Not Responding error, and worse yet when I click on a link within an email it do not take me there.

I think that I gonna stop all startup and services with Msconfig and try Outlook in a bare environment.
I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for your trying to help.

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Outlook may be trying to connect to a domain/server...

by TobiF In reply to Outlook 2007 Not Respondi ...

It is possible that Outlook, based on old settings, try to use the OST file and connect to a non-existing server.

Check what accounts and settings you have in Outlook. This is best done while Outlook is NOT running. Outlook places a topic about email in the control panel.
Check location of storage, email accounts etc.

You could also try some surgery: rename that huge ost file and try to start Outlook.

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RE: and found a Trojan

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Outlook 2007 Not Respondi ...

When you scanned this system was it in Safe Mode?

If not then you may still be caring an infection or two. You need to scan in Safe Mode to have the best chance of getting all Infections as when they are running they may not be picked up.

Also if you have one of the nasty ones you may need to scan with a Boot Disc with a Scanner Built in one of the many available Boot Disc's may be in order here.;leftCol


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by nhiep_nguyen In reply to RE: and found a Trojan

Thank you for your remark.
Following it I run the MSE in safe mode, found and removed the same Trojan in my second boot.
BTW how can I check the TempImage folder?
The Trojan is stored in the C:\user\name\Document\TempImage folder.
P.S. I disable all Startups with msconfig and found that the "Not Responding" is stopped now.
I gonna enable one by one to hopefully find the culprit.
But it's a lengthy process!

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Yes, both the old domain and malware could be a problem.

by seanferd In reply to Outlook 2007 Not Respondi ...

As noted above, if you did not disconnect from the domain properly, you will have to configure a bunch of stuff by hand. Outlook probably is looking for the old domain Exchange server, and may not even allow you to work if it isn't found.

Also as noted above, scan for malware in Safe Mode after deleting system restore points. bear in mind that simply removing the malware does not fix anything the malware may have broken. You may need to do
sfc /scannow
clean or repair the registry, and repair other apps. Get Autoruns from SysInternals
and check your Logon and WinLogon tab entries to ensure they are not pointing to malware files before you scan, so you don't end up with a non-booting computer that would require more effort to fix if you don't have the right tools.

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My 2 cents....

by ashish.sharma In reply to Outlook 2007 "Not Respond ...

I have seen it where if your inbox is 9Gb or more, Outlook will start having issues. Our CFO had a huge Inbox and we constantly had to run repair pst tool to fix her Outlook issues. The way to get around would be to create a Personal Folder and dump all your emails there. Also, if possible, run your Outlook in "Cached Mode".

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What I think is

by rogger123 In reply to Outlook 2007 "Not Respond ...

the chances of file size exceed of a PST is less, as far as I assume it. Because Outlook 2007 has a limitation of 20GB and I guess it is enough to accommodate much emails. what i think is that you should assume to run scanpst.exe in Outlook 2007 to see if the problem is fixed or not.

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