Outlook 2007: Unable to send emails

By forum-addict ·
I am using Windows Xp pro with sp2; I recently upgraded office 2003 to office 2007 everything is fine except the outlook module. I am able to receive mails but unable to send any i.e. whenever I am trying to send any mails its giving me an error saying
?The message interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook?
Even after restart the problem is the same, I have tried reinstalling office but the problem remains. I checked my SMTP setting and they are fine. So I tried Google but found nothing of use. Even I tried creating a new profile using
?outlook.exe /promptimportprf \\localfolder\outlook.prf?
But again it?s of no use.
Anyone plz help.

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Thanks - but how do I protect my data?

by samlow In reply to Although I have not tried ...

Thanks techman. Just to be sure, would doing this delete all of my messages etc? Should I create a .PST file of my messages and addresses? (I am not sure how I do this either!). Currently i am using Thunderbird from Mozilla as my Outlook is more than useless. Word 07 also seems to be effected. There seems to be no simple way of communicating this back to Microsoft, and i am sure they would like to hear about it.

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only if

by w2ktechman In reply to Thanks - but how do I pro ...

you remove all of the reg entries for your .pst files. If you can, try moving everything into .pst files, then copy them to a cd/dvd/external HDD.

Then remove all Office reg entries, or use a registry utility that will remove them. Most reg. utilities will allow to backup the removed data so that if a problem occurs, you can re-add them. This is suggested over making changes if the reg. is unfamiliar to you.

But, just uninstalling and then re-installing Office, should work, and will not remove your mail. Then again, it is always good to back-up data.

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Can NOT Send E-Mails Outlook 2003

by allen1mason In reply to only if

If your still want outlook 2007.

turn off any software firewalls

Had same problem delete acct create a new one

DO NOT manually config let Outlook do it.
type name, e-mail address and password hit next.
can take up to 4 or 5 min.

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Outlook 2007 Send Mail Fix

by biz06 In reply to Outlook 2007: Unable to s ...

I had the same problem...running WinXP, upgraded from Office XP to Office 2007.

After reading all of the responses to this thread, what seems to work is to uncheck the "My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication" (or using the "Auto Account Setup").

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It is not Outlook

by onefromoz In reply to Outlook 2007: Unable to s ...

Hey, I had exactly the same thing happen to me. And I stopped using Outlook 2007. Then, some weeks later, my work collague asked me why I was not using outlook 2007. (Silly) Me having already forgotten the reason switched back to Outlook 2007. And then Ooops yes you've guessed it, It Will Not Send My Emails !!!! The problem I found (I am using Sygate personal firewall) My personal fire wall even without giving me a message was blocking Outlook 2007. Try disabling your personal firewall!

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Deleted Outlook Emials

by jamesb480 In reply to Outlook 2007: Unable to s ...

Emails are one of best medium to communication. It is best application for both business use and personal. But you you know how it is frustrating and annoying when Outlook mails become inaccessible and users not able to access mail. This situation arises due to virus and malware infection , application failure. It start giving Outlook does not responding etc.It suggested to take immediate solution to make access Outlook mails. With the help of manual steps these can be easily solved. However it does not help all the time. Best is to best step to get rid from this situation.

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Reponse To Answer

by PurpleSkys In reply to Deleted Outlook Emials

once again, this is a dead post.

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