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Outlook and MSN Conflict

By TPCosmo ·
I have a situation where an executive of my company is running Outlook 2003 along with MSN. When in Internet Explorer, or Windows Explorer, and trying to use the 'Send to' function to e-mail a file, it invokes MSN instead of Outlook. All default E-mail settings in IE are pointing to Outlook. All the office programs, and Adobe Acrobat will function perfectly with the 'send to' function, but Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer dont, even if Outlook is already open.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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by JohnGreer In reply to Outlook and MSN Conflict

I had that same problem on a few machines.

It worked when I had them use the IE that comes with Windows, e.g. C:\PROGRA~1\INTERN~1\IEXPLORE.EXE

And it "failed" when they used the "MSN Explorer" e.g. the one with the butterfly.


P.S. That's C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE

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by TPCosmo In reply to

Thanks for the idea...I almost thought you were on to something, but I'm sorry to report that I get the same result with the IExplorer.exe right from the program files folder. If I click on the butterfly on the desktop, it brings up the same MSN login window as the 'Send Page' does. Thanks anyway.

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by CoastCrow In reply to Outlook and MSN Conflict

I'm sure you've probably considered this but...for this particular user, is the MSN browser/email client his default browser? If so, maybe there is a setting to change it's default setting. Have you tried unistalling MSN and then setting defaults back to IE and Outlook?

I used the MSN browser for a while at home, but can't remember if I used Outlook or Outlook Express with it, since it was my browser and email client.

Don't know if this will help you or not.

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by TPCosmo In reply to

I havent tried the uninstalling part, but i have double checked the default browser too, which is IE.
Thanks anyway.

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by dmiles In reply to Outlook and MSN Conflict

The problem exist because outlook and outlook express are the same basically,being that outlook express is a short version of outlook that is integrated into IE,you will need to configure one or the other as default or create another mail box to be used for one or the other.

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by TPCosmo In reply to

I am aware of the Outlook, Outlook Express relationship and integration in IE.
Outlook is configured as the default E-Mail aplication.

'you will need to configure one or the other as default or create another mail box to be used for one or the other'
Is confusing...Thanks anyway

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by LeoBloom In reply to Outlook and MSN Conflict

A user where I work had problem where the send to in word was correctly going to outlook while Int Explorer would bring up outlook express. Under programs in Internet options it listed Outlook as the default. (This only happened when she was logged onto the PC) Program access and defaults are restricted here so I logged onto the pc and made the user a local power user. When they logged back in they where able to switch to outlook express as the default then change back to outlook and that corrected the problem. Afterwards I removed them from powerusers.

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by Orpheum In reply to Outlook and MSN Conflict

you may have to administer user rights b4 this is allowed -from add /remove progs, get into add/rem windows components. get rid of msn(butterfly) get rid of msn mssgr (faceless gnome), get rid of outlook express. restart or log out (not switch user) for good measure ( we are talking about 'windows' here).
try doing what you wanted out of Explorer or IE's send to feature. It will work cuz your 3 suspects are gone. now put back msn mssgr - try the procedure again, put the butterfly back, try it again. Try and leave outlook express out of the mix unless you really need it .I also personally don't see the need for the butterfly or msn mssgr for that matter - when you use ANY of microsofts products rolled out after 2002, you're already running these last 2 as services and/or msconfig startup commands. Try and leave these duplicating msn logons uninstalled from the add/remove components menu in the future unless you can substantiate a real need for them.
I replicated your scenario at home.

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by Orpheum In reply to

What I meant there was that you are already logged into msn passport as long as you had a hotmail or msn acct set up in outlook. I avoid duplicating microsoft app's because they're already so buggy running just the once!

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by nidasrar In reply to Outlook and MSN Conflict

Why dont you just format the whole thing again!!! simple get the back up of ur client files and reinstall everything else again!..... sorry im not particularly an IT person that is what i would have done after so many rejected answers!!

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