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Outlook Express

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Perish the thought ! There are already too many of them here on TR as it is

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Quite true.

Max just is; as he has been and as he will always be; a sh:t disturber par excellance, with an offbeat sense of humour. He has does not, has not and will not, ever suffer fools gladly. You have to be very careful he doesn't sneak up on you, when you are least expecting it, and delivers you a whack, with his silver hammer.

Dawg ]:)

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Now you are implying I am a...

by onbliss In reply to Perish the thought ! Ther ...

..fool :-) But tell me what would satisfy a brilliant/genius : whacking a fool or whacking someone of equal stature?

TR has its fair share of MS supporters. But, I have'nt seen them jumping to trash the other technologies or other companies at every chance. The MS supporters are more reactive than proactive.

Microsoft is like the giant USA, just like USA gets criticized for everything, MS gets criticized. The good (and the normal) things do not get appreciated. Can a company just be so evil like what people talk about? Or is it the nature of a big organization?

People might say I am comparing apples and oranges. But I can't help noticing what happens to big and powerful countries and companies. People just love to hate them. Once I was part of an informal Microsoft-hate group. It was just for fun, I did'nt even know why I was part of it. But we prided ourselves in criticizing MS. That was way back.

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