Outlook XP/2003 printing problems small font size since IE7 update

By swisstonihasher ·
Has anyone else experienced problems with random emails printing in small fonts from Outlook XP/2003?

No pattern seems to exist as an email from an external source can have the small font print problem (with no header) and yet the next email from them will be fine. If you copy and paste the email text (which "views" normally from Outlook) into word it prints normally.

On checking HTML settings for fonts, all users that have this issue are set the same as everyone else, ie medium text size.

Please let me know if you've experienced this...

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SOLUTION Provided by Microsoft-This should fix it!!!!

by skaiblue In reply to A workaround

Microsoft has a beta hotfix available upon request but states that it also intends to include this global fix in its next service pack. Click their link for more details.

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MS KB 932538 fix for IE7/Outlook tiny printing

by tdendinger In reply to SOLUTION Provided by Micr ...

I have already tried that and it failed. I have tried all updates and patches to XP, IE7, & Office 2003. Nothing has fixed it. IE 7 is junk period.

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Same Problem

by Pachego In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

I'm having the same problem. I've printed the same email from Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. The text on the 2003 printout in tiny and the text on the 2007 printout in normal. Have you found a resolution yet?

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MS fix released

by Kr1s In reply to Same Problem
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The Microsoft Fix Part 1.

by david.buckley In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

THere is a fix available for the no headers issue.

Check it out here:

Unfortunately MS have not yet really really released the patch as you need to ring them first before you can get the patch.



PS. I don't think that magnifying glass pictures are especially helpful at this point. Whilst very funny, having misleading titles kinda irritate when people such as myself are under pressure to resolve issues. (I'm just shitty cause there isn't a fix yet and I'm being hounded daily by people whinging at me and managers who won't let me stop the rollout of IE 7.0)

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Any small print in Outlook Hotfixes yet??

by jakepancake In reply to The Microsoft Fix Part 1.

I've been having the same issues after IE7 install. Received the hotfix for no headers in Outlook but still stumped on tiny print in messages sent in HTML. Please someone post whether this has been resolved yet if you know. Sometimes people forget to follow up. Thanks!

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Same here..

by mrstegs In reply to Any small print in Outloo ...

The outlook hotfix only fixed the header problem, the small font issue persists.

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Any new word?

by dvanderbilt In reply to Same here..

Any word on a fix from MS yet?

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Small Printing

by tdendinger In reply to The Microsoft Fix Part 1.

If the managers are forcing you to roll out IE 7 and they know it is causing a problem, they're just asking for it. I've heard IE 8 Beta resolves it so you may want to try that on a "test system". Good luck.

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Small font print appear to be with email threads?

by wigginsm In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

I have noticed that all the emails that my users have given me with the small font print usually contain 1 or more replys to the original email. Has anyone else noticed this? Also, does anyone have a work around that keeps the html format?

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