Outlook XP/2003 printing problems small font size since IE7 update

By swisstonihasher ·
Has anyone else experienced problems with random emails printing in small fonts from Outlook XP/2003?

No pattern seems to exist as an email from an external source can have the small font print problem (with no header) and yet the next email from them will be fine. If you copy and paste the email text (which "views" normally from Outlook) into word it prints normally.

On checking HTML settings for fonts, all users that have this issue are set the same as everyone else, ie medium text size.

Please let me know if you've experienced this...

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This worked!!

by aj.nahr In reply to Resolution to small font ...

This fix worked like a charm for me.
Yay Regedit!

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by seamonkey420 In reply to Resolution to small font ...

i love you and all of the people on this thread!

fixed our issues in outlook 2003 and IE7 and printouts :)

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RE: Resolution to small font problem

by chad.rife In reply to Resolution to small font ...

Registry fix worked great, No tweaks needed. 1 person has reported the issue and sure more to come, since we just upgraded less than 3 weeks ago to IE7.

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IE7 & Outlook printing

by tdendinger In reply to The fix is not yet availa ...

i have gotten the same treatment. The hot fix should be called not fix because they don't work. After emails and complaints, MS emailed me Saturday 1/26 saying my message has been forwarded to the manager of support specialist and they will follow up on this. IF they actually do contact me with a fix that really works, I'll post it asap. Good luck everyone. If a resolve is found please post and let the world know!

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Have you tried this?

by omnedom In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

When you are editing a mail with Word as an editor, and you are in the messagebody field, then you have at the top of the screen View, and then you have the option zoom, and then you can choose a percentage.
Increase percentage and try to print email

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by info In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

We had a similar problem with some e-mails. After some 'hard' work with fixes and regestry I took the liberty to look into the source-code of several e-mails. I found the following:

The e-mails that printed fine, were e-mails that were send from within our network. Those e-mails do not leave the building. The others did. And with leaving the building, our disclaimer was added at the bottum. And the disclaimer seemd to course the problem. Within the source-coe I found the PRE-tag, which forced IE7 to print the disclaimer on only 1 line. We removed the tag and the mail printed perfectly. Some additional testing showed the same result.

I do not know if this solves all the problems, but it worked for us.

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Outlook 2003 IE 7 small print

by tdendinger In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

IE 7 is the cause. There is a hot fix and a registry hack that is supposed to fix the problem but neither works. KB Article 932538 claims to fix it but it won't. Uninstall IE 7 if it is an option. The emails in question seem to be coming from people sending HTML emails using Outlook 2000 & 2003. M$ knows there is a problem but it looks like they're not going to correct anytime soon. They have told us IE 7 works just fine with Outlook 2007. Pretty pricey to upgrade 100 + users.

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Not a full fix but....

by massie1205 In reply to Outlook 2003 IE 7 small p ...

I've been keeping an eye on this post as I was starting to have a few users having this issue. I've tried various things but nothing really worked then I spotted IE8 Beta was out and fancied trying it... more for curiosity and it seems to resolve the issue. I'm not at the point where I want to role out to users but I thought I should mention this worked.

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IE 8 fix

by tdendinger In reply to Not a full fix but....

If IE8 is anythiing like IE7 it will probably screw up more things & M$ will tell everyone to update to Vista and Office 2007 to resolve it. Let us all know how IE 8 works. I still use IE6. Hated IE7.

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Impossible to read

by sandersd In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

Yes, I have this on my outlook at work, but nowhere else. I cannot find a way to fix it either. I would like to know what to do. I thought mine was because this place is still using Novell and my outlook sits as a shell over the Novell email. But apparantly not.
Tell me if you know what to do.

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