Outlook XP/2003 printing problems small font size since IE7 update

By swisstonihasher ·
Has anyone else experienced problems with random emails printing in small fonts from Outlook XP/2003?

No pattern seems to exist as an email from an external source can have the small font print problem (with no header) and yet the next email from them will be fine. If you copy and paste the email text (which "views" normally from Outlook) into word it prints normally.

On checking HTML settings for fonts, all users that have this issue are set the same as everyone else, ie medium text size.

Please let me know if you've experienced this...

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Uninstall IE7

by tdendinger In reply to Impossible to read

If you want to fix it, uninstall IE7 & go back to IE6. You can set Outlook's mail format to plain text, but the only absolute fix is go back to IE6. I did hear the IE8 Beta version fixed it, but I have not personally tried it. After what IE7 did, I didn't want to see what all 8 will screw up. Oh I forgot to mention you can go to Office 2007 and that will fix it as well. M$ is trying to force everyone there. There is"supposed" to be a "fix" in early June. I'll hold my breath for that one.

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Yes i have the same problem

by kaytech2 In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

I have every one using this printer set the same but some email are so small when printed and some are fine absolutly no pattern at all

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small print in emails after loading IE7 and still using outlook 2003

by airman2001 In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

Had the same issue after upgrading to IE7. Clients where still on Outlook2003. I upgraded them to Outlook 2007 and it corrected the issue. Problem here is that if they are using Office 2003...there will be spell check issues within Outlook. Upgrade to Office 2007 also and both issues will go away.

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Reponse To Answer

by mcopeland12 In reply to small print in emails aft ...

Try File, Page Setup, Memo Style, uncheck "Enable Shrink-to-fit.

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by airman2001 In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

I am having issues with web pages printing too small using IE7 and Win XP....the shrink to fit, show 100%, aren't working right. Shrink to fit is not expanding teh size of the text. Teh 100% cuts off part of the web page...ideas?

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