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Outraged by RIAA

By 0utraged ·
The RIAA is nothing more than a money hungry group of individuals that didn't get to roast enough ants with a magnifying glass in their youth. While protecting 85% of American recording artists' work, they seem to be looking for money and control, via intimidation, like so many other tyrants.

I am a car audio installer, and have been for a long time, and couldnt imagine buying more bass testing songs every time someone ran off with my disc, and I don't know but a few people that actually go out and buy music from a store or online.

I don't see how you can protect the artists from a few hundred million to a billion people, downloading music and videos illegaly via peer to peer file sharing. with a loss of about 95% of their potential earnings, I can see why the RIAA is so pissed off, but to fine someone (Jammie Thomas) $1.9 million for 24 songs, what is that??? That's garbage.

If she couldnt pay that, and was held in contempt in exchange for $50 per day, she would be in jail for 104 years! How is that just? But If you shoot someone, and get sentenced to life in prison in almost any state, a life sentence is a minimum of 25 to 30 years. So I ask this to the RIAA, Should I be more afraid to download music than to shoot someone?

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Yes, it really is that easy.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Not that easy

Do you have some sort of installation and testing check list? Then put 'GET THE DAMN CD BACK!' on the bottom.

Include the cost of the CD as part of your standard service charge. Before you start installation, tell the customer they're eligible for a discount if they remind you to retrieve it.

Have them test with their music. As a customer, I've always been more concerned about how my favorite CD (or VHS cassette, or DVD, or 8-track, or cassette, or vinyl) sounded than whatever you (or the guys at the electronics store) want to demonstrate.

You've got screwdrivers, crimpers, connectors, adapters, speaker wire; etc. Put the empty CD case in your tool box, then don't remove the box until the job is finished. The empty case will be staring at you when you close it.

Buy a bunch of cheap blank CDs, have someone pull down something from the public domain, and have him or her burn a ton of them.

Dude, I don't do this for a living and I've come up with half a dozen ways to remember this. This is no different from a computer technician remembering to remove the CD from a client's computer when he's done installing software. Oh, wait; there's one minor difference. If your client drives off with a music CD, you're out maybe $12. If a computer owner walks out with a Windows 7 CD still in the drive, the service tech is out $250 or more. Gods forbid it should be AutoCAD or something else that will cost thousands to replace.

Don't blame the RIAA, your customers, or anyone else; part of your job is to keep up with your tools.

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yep . . . that's what blank CR-Rs are for . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Yes, it really is that ea ...

you create a backup copy:
this is not illegal because there is an RIAA / CPCC levy on the blank disc for this exact reason

you put the original in a secure place and use the copy for testing purposes

another thing you can do in this case, is create a CD of partials,

Audacity is free and you can manipulate the songs to be worthless for anything but testing

ie. take the best parts of songs
Fade-in to the bumping / booming, rattle the neighbors windows parts then Fade-out

drop about 15 minutes of 1 - 2 minute samples onto a CD-R and you protect your investment

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Let me guess

by santeewelding In reply to Outraged by RIAA

"Outraged" is a new, throwaway ID, not meant to weather time, that you may later contribute to pressing issues of the day?

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by 0utraged In reply to Let me guess

If I can find a topic worth debating, then this profile may stick around. otherwise, yea, its trashed. and actually, its 0utraged, pay more attention to detail. snd for the record, I could care less about replacing a few cd's here and there. But the RIAA imposing fines of up to $80,000 per song is absurd. THAT is my argument, my business is fine, and when customers run off with my cd's, they are easily replaced. So all you CEO's need to find another small business owner to try to pick on, I don't whine about petty ********. Oh, and stop with the lectures, I know what's best for me and my business better than any of you. And the best part is I came up from nothing, I didn't have mommy and daddy to pay for what I have.

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by santeewelding In reply to Undecided.

A zero instead of an, "O".


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by 0utraged In reply to Clever
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If your concern is someone else's penalties,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Undecided.

then why did you even mention losing CDs?

What does your background (or ours) have to do with the subject of copyright violation fines?

Again, the RIAA doesn't impose penalties; the courts do. If you think the penalties are too harsh for some crimes or not harsh enough for others, take it up with your elected officials.

While you're chiding others to pay attention to detail, you need to go back and capitalize the first character of your second sentence; replace the first character in the third sentence with an 'A'; and stop beginning sentences with conjunctions.

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by Michael Jay In reply to If your concern is someon ...

has trained you well.

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Hey; you quit that

by santeewelding In reply to Santee

Palmetto is an independent operator. He has his own franchise. Sometimes -- in fact, a lot of times -- I pick up on, and learn from, what he does.

Sometimes, doubled over with laughter, wishing I had thought of it.

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It just seems

by Michael Jay In reply to Hey; you quit that

that you are often on the case of little errors of syntax, just seemed like a post you would make.

Yes, Palmie is good, even with the curdled whatever it was the other night.

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