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Outsourced !!

By Oz_Media ·
Well that's it, Oz is a one man band.

I have been working with two contracts (one a client of my main contract) and since the owner returned from Turkey, he has made a deal to outsource thier net support work to Turkey.

C'est la vie.

SO while I still have a fair residual income from music sales, I will be hitting the pavement once again and digging for a new clients/career, whether in IT or not.

I will still be a regular pain in the a** on TR so no need to celebrate just yet.

Options include moving to England and taking up music management F/T, fixing more cars at home, looking for new clients to manage networks for.

I figure I have a lot of different skills and a good track record so if I decide to look for income now or in the New Year I doubt I will have many probs. BC has the highest employment rate around and they advertise BC on Canadian TV networks and brag of the high employment rate to other provinces to get people moving west so I am not too concerned.

Anyway, don't really know why I posted this but perhaps I am just venting a bit, thanks for listening.

OM :)

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Variety is good

by CorTech In reply to Good to hear

Sorry to hear about the outsourcing, but it sounds like you have plenty of positive options, and at least you'll have a bit of a holiday.


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good luck oz

by greg_ross_sr In reply to Outsourced !!

I'm sure you will find something. Maybe we can all become NHL replacement players! Who knows!

take care.

All the best.

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Sorry about your luck..perhaps this will help..

by maecuff In reply to Outsourced !!

Things to Say at a Job Interview

See photo of interviewer's family on desk, point, start laughing uncontrollably.

Ask if there is only one emergency exit, grin and say; 'Boy!, I bet this floor would be in trouble if someone barricaded that.'

Constantly fidget with underwear waistband, then blurt: 'The strawberry ones are the stickiest, don't ya' think?'

After detailing your greatest achievement, qualify with, 'Of course I was totally hammered at the time.'

Inquire on office policy of friends staying over.

Claim you wouldn't even need a sit-in job if Al Einstein hadn't stolen your secret patent for '2000 Flushes'.

Over-emphasize your ability to use a copier.

Ask if it's O.K. that you sit on the floor.

Allow that you would little impact on the overhead budget, because you swiped all the supplies from your other job.

Although parking was free, insist that they validate something or you're not leaving.

Mention your resume would have been stronger, but you didn't feel like making anything else up.

Ask the secretary if she'll sit on your lap during the interview.

Walk into interviewer's office with a tape measure, measure office from a few angles, put away, declare; 'NOW we can begin.'

When making small talk and the Simpson trial comes up, shout: You mean Homer and Marge are in some kind of trouble?'

Sniff two of your fingers hold out toward interviewer, ask; 'smell these, these smell funny to you???'

Upon walking in to the office for first time, ask receptionist to hold all your calls.

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Funny stuff, Mae!

by mlandis In reply to Sorry about your ...

Got quite a chuckle from them, thanks.

I've been looking around for the "What not to say to a cop" list. Some of those could be changed around for the job interview stuff.


Cop - "You're eyes are red, you must have been drinking!"

Answer - "You're eyes are glazed, you must have been eating doughnuts."


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I've just had a great thought

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Funny stuff, Mae!

Put Mae and Maureen in the same room and watch the sparks fly.

Of course I would want to be on the other side of the two way mirror at the time.


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THat's getting interesting

by Oz_Media In reply to I've just had a great tho ...

OKAY time to be a pig,

Will they be wearing pyjamas or bikini's?

Will they have pillows or big puffy boxing gloves?

Will there be added fun with things like, baby oil, mud or jello?

Will video or photography be allowed?

How much are tickets?

Sorry ladies. :)

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by mlandis In reply to THat's getting interestin ...

If we were thinking about fund raising, as opposed to raising anything else, Oz's uh...anatomical differences would probably draw the greater crowd.

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You mean

by Oz_Media In reply to Actually

Like a freak show?

I like that. :)

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by maecuff In reply to THat's getting interestin ...

Too cliche. No cat fights here, especially when I must confess to admiring most things Maureen says.. However, since I've started kick boxing with my sister, I have an insane urge to punch someone. It would have to be for a good reason. And, no baby oil.

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Mae, I believe that

by mlandis In reply to Sorry...

the sparks the guys referred to were their own, not ours! That's why I made no issue of it.

Do you concur?


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