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Outsourced !!

By Oz_Media ·
Well that's it, Oz is a one man band.

I have been working with two contracts (one a client of my main contract) and since the owner returned from Turkey, he has made a deal to outsource thier net support work to Turkey.

C'est la vie.

SO while I still have a fair residual income from music sales, I will be hitting the pavement once again and digging for a new clients/career, whether in IT or not.

I will still be a regular pain in the a** on TR so no need to celebrate just yet.

Options include moving to England and taking up music management F/T, fixing more cars at home, looking for new clients to manage networks for.

I figure I have a lot of different skills and a good track record so if I decide to look for income now or in the New Year I doubt I will have many probs. BC has the highest employment rate around and they advertise BC on Canadian TV networks and brag of the high employment rate to other provinces to get people moving west so I am not too concerned.

Anyway, don't really know why I posted this but perhaps I am just venting a bit, thanks for listening.

OM :)

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by maecuff In reply to Mae, I believe that

Perhaps they would be willing to do the mud wrestling.

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OK Galls I'll be into the mud wrestling

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Mae, I believe that

If you two go in for a Darwin Wet T Shirt Competition.

Sound Fair?


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And what makes you think

by mlandis In reply to I've just had a great tho ...

that women wouldn't want to watch you men, while you are watching the women?


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Yeah right

by Oz_Media In reply to And what makes you think

A buggered up old Aussie (sorry Colin) and a guy who's once strong stature has been reduced to a bowling pin.

Geez, wonder what you could name THAT website?!

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Striked and Spared?

by mlandis In reply to Yeah right

In keeping with the bowling theme of course!

(Oh god, what I have I started?)


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Maureen at least you know

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Striked and Spared?

That I'm an evil Aussie SOB and readily admit it.

Mae had a great put down for Garion which had me in fits of laughter when he tried hitting on her.

Now what's your excuse?


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What do I need an excuse for again?

by mlandis In reply to And what makes you think

Dear Col, you crazy old git!

This memo-pause stuff really gets in the way of my memory functioning well. So I can't remember why I needed the excuse.

I am sorry I missed Maecuff's rebuff - that had to be funny. She is one smart lady.

You are an evil Aussie? I thought the evil Aussies were all locked up in Parliament at Canberra? I really want to hear why you think you are evil.


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Be fair Maureen

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What do I need an excuse ...

While I might be "An Evil Aussie" I'm not totally insane, it's only that lot that we lock up in Cantberra and make then think that they are running the place.

But it is for their own good or they might hurt themselves and a lot of other innocent people. We do not even service any aircraft that we tell them that they have access to we just hope that they'll fall out of the sky in the middle of nowhere killing all on board.

In another thread Garion found out Mae was a female and her comment was at first that she never considered herself as a farm yard animal. Garion then proceeded to ask her for a photo so she described herself in the most unflattering manner possible.

I only suggested locking you both in a room as you two do not seem to play by the rules that some of the others here seem to think all US citizens should. Personally I wouldn't expect any "Cat Fights" but I certainly would not want to be in the way if someone stepped on either of you two toes as both of you have excellent put downs and are very fast on the uptake.


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Good Morning, Col

by mlandis In reply to Be fair Maureen

I would never think that you could be as "evil" as a corrupt politician. It would be best if the plane were also maintained, piloted and crewed by the politicians you describe. That way in the event of complete failure, no innocent bystanders would suffer the consequences of jobs badly done.

I have been waiting to ask "Garion11" who the other 10 were. He doen't know me yet, so I have not gotten into much discussion with him. I can only imagine how Mae handled that whole thing! Mae is very quick and has a great sense of humor.

I thought your suggestion of locking us in a room was hysterical! I knew you were being flattering - that hornbag Oz is the one who put the sexual spin on it. Which, in its own way, could be flattering too. It could mean that through our banter he finds us attractive, and feels it easier to make a joke of it in this manner. Or maybe it means nothing at all. In either case, no harm done.

The first thought that came to mind was, "That's ok as long as there is coffee. Mae is cool."

I haven't been in TR enough to capture the "Silent US Code?" I have noted extremes of offensive or defensive commentary when discussing political issues. I am reminded of young kids in the schoolyard still working out the social stratification of the school dynamic. Is that what you mean?

Anyway, I've got things to get to today. See you later and take care.


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It's very easy

by maecuff In reply to Be fair Maureen

To not 'play by the rules' when you are somewhat anonymous. Not that I am not vocal about my opinions (ask my husband, he'll agree) but, I do temper my comments given the situation. I live in a very small, conservative? no, that's not quite right..backward, redneck town, so, it's in my best interest to not stir up the hornet's nest and comfortably work and live here.

Maureen, you are correct, if there's coffee, I'm not going to complain. In fact, I think that's my next step this morning.

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