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Outsourced !!

By Oz_Media ·
Well that's it, Oz is a one man band.

I have been working with two contracts (one a client of my main contract) and since the owner returned from Turkey, he has made a deal to outsource thier net support work to Turkey.

C'est la vie.

SO while I still have a fair residual income from music sales, I will be hitting the pavement once again and digging for a new clients/career, whether in IT or not.

I will still be a regular pain in the a** on TR so no need to celebrate just yet.

Options include moving to England and taking up music management F/T, fixing more cars at home, looking for new clients to manage networks for.

I figure I have a lot of different skills and a good track record so if I decide to look for income now or in the New Year I doubt I will have many probs. BC has the highest employment rate around and they advertise BC on Canadian TV networks and brag of the high employment rate to other provinces to get people moving west so I am not too concerned.

Anyway, don't really know why I posted this but perhaps I am just venting a bit, thanks for listening.

OM :)

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Sorry about your luck..perhaps this will help..

by maecuff In reply to Outsourced !!

Things to Say at a Job Interview

See photo of interviewer's family on desk, point, start laughing uncontrollably.

Ask if there is only one emergency exit, grin and say; 'Boy!, I bet this floor would be in trouble if someone barricaded that.'

Constantly fidget with underwear waistband, then blurt: 'The strawberry ones are the stickiest, don't ya' think?'

After detailing your greatest achievement, qualify with, 'Of course I was totally hammered at the time.'

Inquire on office policy of friends staying over.

Claim you wouldn't even need a sit-in job if Al Einstein hadn't stolen your secret patent for '2000 Flushes'.

Over-emphasize your ability to use a copier.

Ask if it's O.K. that you sit on the floor.

Allow that you would little impact on the overhead budget, because you swiped all the supplies from your other job.

Although parking was free, insist that they validate something or you're not leaving.

Mention your resume would have been stronger, but you didn't feel like making anything else up.

Ask the secretary if she'll sit on your lap during the interview.

Walk into interviewer's office with a tape measure, measure office from a few angles, put away, declare; 'NOW we can begin.'

When making small talk and the Simpson trial comes up, shout: You mean Homer and Marge are in some kind of trouble?'

Sniff two of your fingers hold out toward interviewer, ask; 'smell these, these smell funny to you???'

Upon walking in to the office for first time, ask receptionist to hold all your calls.

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It happens to everyone nowadays

by AV . In reply to Outsourced !!

There are lots of small businesses that desperately need computer help. If that doesn't work, you have other options.

Music sales sounds like an interesting job. Many years ago, I worked for a small company that made music tapes that companies bought or rented to play in offices or when people were on hold. It was a unique fun business.

Whatever you do, lots of luck. You can tell us all about it.

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You'll be right

by HereInOz In reply to Outsourced !!

You will be OK, Oz.

Just put yourself out there and someone will take you on. It may not be the "right" job first up - it could be just a filler to earn some cash - but in the end it will all work out OK.

You may find that 2 years down the track you are actually better off.

My opinion is that the person who has outsourced overseas, whether it be Turkey or India or even Australia (why would you want to do that??) will, in the end, be the loser, not you.

You have a lot to offer, Oz, just keep it positive, keep your eye out for opportunities, and it will all happen at the appropriate time.

I look forward to an increase in your posting activity as well. I am sure Max feels the same!

Good luck,


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You'll be right

I just heard that the Doctor in Training is heading North along with his medical bag containing his "Silver Hammer" to pay OZ a visit.


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Now now

by Oz_Media In reply to Alan

Take it easy on Max, he's being real good. Like they say, if you have nothing good to say, it's best not to say anything at all.

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Another option ....

by jardinier In reply to Outsourced !!

I have suggested this before, and I will suggest it again. Use your proven skills with website design to build a website for TR which has a modicum of visual appeal, and actually works ALL the time.

But then again you may like to cash in on another of your talents and move to Miami and hustle -- let wealthy widows and divorcees pay you to give them pleasure.

However, a word of warning. A friend told me the following true story. A young man married a frail, elderly lady with the sole intention of inheriting her money.

However her young stud so enlivened her that she looked like living for a long time. The young man committed suicide.

[Psst ..... I will share a little secret with you. I sometimes describe myself as a gigolo because a wealthy woman pays me well to give her pleasure. Ahem ... the pleasure comes from the beauty I create in her garden]. But the principle is the same.

But some day .......

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by Packet Spoofer In reply to Outsourced !!

The warm fuzzies are kicking in right about now!

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That blows.. Good luck Oz...

by TomSal In reply to Outsourced !!

Sorry to hear man. To be honest though, I think you are still in better shape than me...I don't have all the contacts you seem to have and the job market here is just a notch or two above "lifeless".

However, just wanted to say sorry to hear -- I know I'd be a bit upset if someone outsource a job away from me.

later on man.


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Thanks everyone

by Oz_Media In reply to That blows.. Good luck Oz ...

Well I think I was just pissed off and needed to vent but since then am starting to feel it's the best thing to happen for a while. I moved here to LEAVE them the first time and ended up getting them on a contract basis, no big deal.

Anyhow,I took off with th edirt bikes and a couple of buddies for the night and had a blast, I just got home to an inbossx with four responses for work, one to redesign a site for a recruiting company. Others for quality assurance and training in call centers (good dosh, one of which is even on the island), but I think I'mm gonna enjoy the holidays first.

Have a good weekend and thanks for al the positive thoughts!

Don't forget to check out the YUK, it's a good political time waster. !

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Oz is he outsourcing to

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Outsourced !!

The Turkish Kurds?

No I thought not but here is something that may prove useful I've just spent well over 4 hours on the phone explaining to a supposedly IT tech in Indonesia how to setup a customers e-mail account to send and receive e-mail from a hotel there. Apparently he gave the hotel guest the Hotel Managers account and thought that he had done a good thing.

Anyway I think that he eventually created a new account for the customer which because nobody knows the address is useless. When I got on the phone to him he insisted that the incoming and outgoing mail servers had to be the same. While this is correct for your own e-mail accounts it leaves a lot to be desired for a hotel customer when they have their e-mail address totally screwed up.

With a bit of luck that guy will be knocking your door down within a few weeks as the service is not as good as what you offered and the language barrier is too hard to overcome.


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