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Outsourcing and Racism

By injun_cowboy ·
I think the current IT outsourcing howl has to do with a form of racism. Yes, that's what it it. Tell you why. 'Cos it's jobs going to places like India, Mexico & China. No one cried foul when techie jobs went to the factories set up in Good Ol' Ireland, or Poland, or Germany or Holland or England. No sir! Those guys are OK. C'mon folks, you know it!

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In the same repect though

by Oz_Media In reply to this is what i'm saying! ...

While I completely agree with your focus, the issue was not theatening too many jobs until outsourcing caught on as a viable option for MOST corporations. Indian labour is MUCH cheaper than in most EU countries. Plus you must consider the exchange rate on US to Euros or UK Pounds compared to the US to Indian Rupee.

Todays numbers. 1$ US = 0.82 Euros
1$ US = 0.56 UK Pounds
1$ US = 45.20 Rupees

Where would you get the best value for money?

Outsourcing to Europe doesn't make a lot of monetary sense at this time at all, the only way it is SLIGHLY cheaper is the lower salaries, but they aren't that different than North American salaries.

Your dollar being worth between 56 - 86 Euros/Pounds in Europe is not such an inviting deal.

Now if your dollar is worth $45.00 rupees in India, it's a better option to save a lot of money.

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The only color taken into consideration. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Outsourcing and Racism

. the color of money - GREEN.

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think again.

by American_IT_GUY In reply to Outsourcing and Racism

perhaps it is fear of a few in power with no morals but plenty of greed.
A billion eager souls with many younger than I seeming to work for next to nothing in this unfair arrangement, has nothing to do with race.
It is not that I think they are better, it's that if we miss too many paychecks, it does not matter what we think.
Ever hear of self preservation? That is what *THEY* are doing. Don't be fooled. It is human nature and will never change.
If you are not willing to take from your own family to feed India, then you are NOT for offshoring.

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self reservation it is

by injun_cowboy In reply to think again.

the ones practicing self-preservation are the corporate honchos - they will ship the jobs out wherever it's cheaper; so now it's India and China. But really, the way to preserve one's job is to come up with a watertight contract to prevent (or make it damned expensive) for the powers that be from taking it away from you.

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Make it a little less cost effective !

by Orpheum In reply to self reservation it is

There is a light at the end of the rainbow there cowboy!

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Some questions to consider

by maxwell edison In reply to Outsourcing and Racism

Does this mean that Americans whose skin color is something other than white who, presumably, lose a job due to outsourcing can complain about racism as well?

If someone "claims" racism, but there really is no racism involved, who's the real racist, or is it just a case of mistaken accusation?

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Great observation

by Oz_Media In reply to Some questions to conside ...

What a great heads up analogy of racism due to outsourcing. I will keep that one in mind as it is a very good argument!

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No Racism - Just Greed!

by lrsprague In reply to Outsourcing and Racism

I wish it were as simple as racism, this outsourcing trend, which is more of an arterial bleed than a capillary leak.. If it were racism, we could at least sue over it via civil rights legislation, etc., but it isn't. The truth of the matter is that American executives are just plain GREEDY and they want to line their pockets and fatten their bonus packages, by reducing their company's costs of doing business. Yes, they reduce their costs, in the short-term, but in so doing, they eliminate American jobs permanently. That's GREED in action my friends, pure GREED, NOT RACISM.

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Greed - Not just for corporate execs anymore!

by JasonCCTC In reply to No Racism - Just Greed!

How many times have you seen consumers make purchase decisions based on price alone?

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Can't resist

by Oz_Media In reply to Greed - Not just for corp ...

That's exactly what has put WalMart on the map. If most people realized HOW they get competitive pricing, you guys would boycott WalMart the same as many do Canada.

Poor busines ethics does not make up for saving a buck, or at least it shouldn't. Too many people turn a blind eye on local stores, products and manufacturing if they can save a dollar by buying sweatshop products instead. Sadly enough, quality has gone out the window to be replaced by volume and lower pricing.

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