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Outsourcing and Racism

By injun_cowboy ·
I think the current IT outsourcing howl has to do with a form of racism. Yes, that's what it it. Tell you why. 'Cos it's jobs going to places like India, Mexico & China. No one cried foul when techie jobs went to the factories set up in Good Ol' Ireland, or Poland, or Germany or Holland or England. No sir! Those guys are OK. C'mon folks, you know it!

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Couple of concerns to look at

by Oz_Media In reply to Take into consideration

1) Are these new employees being paid the same salaries as the previous employees, I would doubt it's even close.

2) I assume they are hiring on a sponsorship level and therefore monetary interest comes from the government.

3) Perhape these 'new' employees are actually more suited for thier position due to formal training (IT is massive in India, it make us look like newbies).

Another thing you guys all might want to consider is looking at and searching for the jobs in India. You might want to consider moving if you do, there is such an overabundance of jobs it isn't funny. We have it goos in Canada but that's a complete gravy train, for recruiters too.

So these people are highly trained, work for less money and will relocate with sponsorship to North America and Europe. If I was considering IT staff, it would only make sense to look at options such as this.

Is this a result of an earlier issue that should have been reconsidered, similar to the NAFTA garbage? We work hard to equalize the worlds economy and open up intercontinental relationships. We should then be willing to accomodate such changes to our economy and livelihoods.

It sucks but it is reality, is we are truly here to see an unbaised, unpredjudiced world, we are also here to realize that we need to adjust our income expectations and cost of living to compete with those who already have.

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by info In reply to Take into consideration

If you talk to one of those fired people, tell them to file a complaint with the INS and get a lawyer like the people did at Sun Microsystems.

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what a waste of time

by Oz_Media In reply to CALL THE INS

Certainly after waiying omnths for letters to exchange hands, lawyers to hold a discovery session. Many phone calls etc. You have most people that were on your side already working somewhere alse and they lose interest.

Lawyers are further delayed due to lack of response, it will sit idly inevitably.

In the long run you MAY succeed given that the company's lawyers are unable to find suitable reason for dismissal which is VERY easy regardless of actual cirumstances.

If you do succeedm you will be entitled to very minimal compensation, it will be sucked up with the costs of waiting that long and all for what, to prove a point and have your say.

In the case of a mere employee (Officers and partners are different all together)you are better off just going somewhere else.

You must also consider what you want to achieve, you will not want to go back to work at the company even if you do win. You will not be able to work if you want compensation for loss of wages. It will be much harder to find work if you have to explain the two year gap between employers was due to your want of compensation from the last guy who fired you.

What is the point? Money? How much? It REALLY is a waste of time.

You are speaking completely from a principle point of view, it isn't practical though.

My brother is a corporate attorney for a massive corporation that sees many new law suits filed against it each week. A great deal of them come from the thsouands of disgrunted employees that ge fired for one reason or another.

If it is a case where the company knows it can't win, very seldom or they would find different attorneys, it will pat out immediately and without contest.

If the company has the slightest hope of winning the case is usually dragged out endlessly regardless of size or money in question, it looks bad in the portfolio to pay out people.

Bottom line is that the plaintiff almost never actually wins even if he wins the judgement.

So if you feel like going on a crusade of principle with little or no end benefit other than a feeling of righteousness, get on with your life and find a new job instead. If I worked for such a company ad wasn't one that was fired, I'd also get up and peave pretty quick myself, rather than sit ad wait for my turn at thier convenience.

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Nasty typos

by Oz_Media In reply to what a waste of time

Sorry, long day

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No Problem

by info In reply to Nasty typos

Your typos make more sense then our friend who started this discussion. BTW in the US it is a little different....People from Sun Microsystem got a very comfortable settlement and all kind of goverment investigation. It took a couple of years but it was well worth it.

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Not different by country

by Oz_Media In reply to No Problem

The difference comes in the media. This case was with an extremely high profile company that was in the spotlight already but was escalated.

Sun was a big issue due to the future of Java vs MSVirtual machine. It was juat another media move on a shining (no pun intended) target.

The same thing happens here but not when a few dozen employees cry against non-Canadian workers. Company's wouldn't exist here without a mix of citizens and landed immigrants working for bugger all wages. It just gives us more time to go camping or skiing between business ventures.

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Waste of Time

by info In reply to Outsourcing and Racism

It is funny how racism pops up every time someone who is here either illegally or on a work visa but wants to stay here. If you live here, You know milk is $4.25 a gallon. The cheapest beef you can find is $3-4 a pound. Housing is also expensive. Now the funniest thing is that you expect us to BUY your product. You have the choice to make it and we have the choice to BUY case you have not heard it is called democracy, not racism. And all my legal Indian friends living here will attest to that.

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