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Outsourcing: Where to draw the line

By too_much_experience ·
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offshore them all

by too_much_experience In reply to Outsourcing: Where to dra ...

To say that the architects cannot be offshored is tripe. To tie it to IP concerns is bogus. If software maintenance is offshored, the IP went with it. Traitor companies that use this internal relations tactic are simply stalling for time so they can off shore the architects and everyone else that suits their fancy at the time of their choosing. I could at least respect the traitor companies if they told the truth: payroll is primary, tax evasion is primary, and american citizens that are stupid enought to work for them are less than secondary. Get out while you can and join the army whcih is the only job security left in the country. Oh yeah - forget - they offshored thier mercenaries as well. Nevermind.

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