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"Over-Draconian" browser security??

By Stephen Howard-Sarin ·
Jason actually said that Vista's IE7 security feautures might be "over-Draconian"! Aside from the amusing invention of a term, do you really think that it's possible Microsoft will ship something that's locked down too tight?

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I tell them,

by Jaqui In reply to Just gotta ask, from a bu ...

Sorry, I only work with Professional quality software, Microsoft's insistance on including video gaming technology and major security risk technology means that their products do not fit the definition of Professional Quality.

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Perhaps you're not aware of this, but . . .

by apotheon In reply to Just gotta ask, from a bu ...

MS Office is fully capable of using file formats that are not limited to the usual lineup of MS-only formats. For instance, word processor documents can be made more portable (and smaller, and safer to open) by saving them as RTFs instead of DOCs.

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Domain Blacklist

by rkuhn In reply to Payed for securing

Wow, your domain blacklist must be quite large by now. Thousands, millions even really. How do you do business? You're definitely an island.

My HR dept takes care of use policies and signing things. My IT dept doesn't have to do things like that nor should we.

Should we start a post of the things that Jaqui doesn't like? Actually, the companies and software packages you do like would be a much shorter list.

Here's the start:

NO FLash player.
No shockwave player.
No media player plugin
No PDF support
No Java support
No Javascript support
No OpenOffice
No Microsoft anything (IE, Windows, Office, etc)

I'm assuming being the open source guru that you are, you build your own firwalls and what not so:

No Cisco
No Citrix
No Symantec

How do you do it?

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by Jaqui In reply to Domain Blacklist


I literally blacklist the entire domain.

then add in those ignorant enough to send html formatted email...


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The topic is security, not usability.

by Absolutely In reply to Wow

Do you have ANY argument for Windows over Linux, other than how easily lusers can do irrecoverable damage with Windows?

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Beta IE 7 for XP

by rod.oakley In reply to "Over-Draconian" browser ...

I installed Beta IE 7 for XP (slightly off topic) and several of my addins failed to work, also Nero caused problems and the tabs I saved did not load correctly. I have reported these things to my software suppliers and have had to run system restore so all is now ok, but this goes with running betas I suppose has anyone had any problems with this?

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by JAMES.MACAULAY In reply to "Over-Draconian" browser ...

Mr.Sarin (now there's a suspect name!) makes a valid point regarding the use of "over-Draconian", since "Draconian" implies the utmost penaly imposition: the slaughter of a multituse of innocents to make an example of them. Can there BE anything worse that that?
I would suggest the utilization of "Uber-Draconian". This re-unites the Roman-Germanic synthesis (concetenation?) of overlordship (ala Microsoft), stays within cultural boundaries and gives the French an additional reason to be pissed at Microsoft.

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