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Oz - aka Linux Guru

By secure_lockdown ·
Oz - in all honesty, do you really see Linux taking off to the same extent as what the actual Linux vendors (Novell, IBM, and Co.) are predicting/hoping?

If you are, can you post reasons and proof as to why you see that will happen?

I origianlly got sold on Linux thing when Novell were agressively pushing it a year ago - I was planning on getting all the LPI certs and the CLP and focus on their new product lines. But have since changed my mind because I am not seeing in the "real world" what the vendors are hypeing.


Let the discussions begin,

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That's better

by Oz_Media In reply to my posts edited..

Now instead of implying a market trend or the norm, you are actually saying that you situation is unique to the industry.

When comparing industry costs, does it make more sense to look on a retail cost level or based on YOUR company's specific volume discounts?

Am I to now supposed to quote estimated costs that include the specific discount levels available to your organization?

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99 per station?

by Jaqui In reply to Sure

I'm sorry that Novell SuSe costs your clients that much.

debian -> FREE
Mandrake -> FREE or purchase ( 250 USD, install on as many stations as wanted )
Red Hat / Fedora -> FREE or purchase
Slackware -> FREE
list goes on.

the gpl that applies to these distros requires they give sources away.
they usually offer network install ability.
download on network install boot image then point it at ftp server to source packages.
( also can download iso files with full install free via ftp )
cost per station this way..$0.00
support costs. about $100 USD / year
while suse is, so far, only distro with security rating, novell is violating gpl by not making it available free.

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Suse s also free

by Oz_Media In reply to 99 per station?

The $99.00 is the 'suggested retail' cost for a boxed version. This also includes Novell setup support and links to nearly 2000 titles that can be imported to Suse for free. The company cost per user is far lower.

As stated before, one person says that an XP rollout WITH MS Office costs far less than $100.00 per station for his organization, I suppose that VOLUME break would leave Suse at about $1.00 per copy if any cost at all.

But it can also be downloaded free as an ISO.

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A few smaller companies utilizing Novell solutions.

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz - aka Linux Guru

THough not rolling out organization-wide Linux desktops, in some cases, the following are a fwe smaller organizations who have selected Novell solutions as the most secure for thier data.

US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, Census, Commerce, DOJ, DCMA, Secret Service,
Intelligence Community: DOE, EPA, FEMA, GAO, DOD, FBI.

Definitely a sign of an over priced sinking ship.

Other less relevant organizations include, New York State University, Cal State, VCC, Sacremento Unified School District.

As I have noted before, these organizations have not necessarily rolled out Linux desktops, but the apparently dead and losing NOS developer has been requested and implemented by these organizations due to it's security, stability and dependability.

Novell doesn't make an Aircraft Simulator or a SIMS clone though, perhaps where they have missed the boat afterall by just focusing on better NOS development.

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by dafe2 In reply to A few smaller companies u ...

No one said Linux doesn't have a home. I still work with people who have Banyan Vines, OS/2 and Novell.

There are specific reasons for this. Cost of replacement is but one of them.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Novell

All of the organizations listed have recently purchased Novell's Government Solutions or Education Portal. This is but the absolute tip of the iceberg though, Novell is deeply rooted in Energy, retail and heathcare industries too with newest offerings. And again, this is just Nrth America, consodering Novell has its broadest depoyment OUTSIDE of the US, it just goes to prove that NO, Novell is not an old, dead nor sinking ship as originally implied.

Novell Linux has taken off pretty much as expected, though the quarterly results are a few percentage points out, as always. Other than that, it has been a successful move for them and is proving itself as a viable alternative to MS shops. (which I believe is the topic of discussion)

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Funny thing

by dafe2 In reply to Actually

I did not say Novell was dead nor did I imply it. I was saying that each had a home & will continue.

Also to the original Linux crap:

It happens most of my business in Canada is Health, Utilities & Federal Government. I haven't tripped accross any Penguins in the hallway to date.

I've addressed a Linux 'talk' with common sense & if some continue to believe that Linux will gain market share in the ENTERPRISES so be it.

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I know you didn't

by Oz_Media In reply to Funny thing

I didn't quote you as saying as much, but where do you think THIS discussion stemmed from?

It wasn't you but it was implied and THAT's what lead us here.

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by dingletec In reply to Oz - aka Linux Guru

Actually, I'll bet Linux is taking off to a much greater extent than can be measured. I am one of several admins I know of that have all but a couple servers replaced with Linux servers. I don't have to ask if we can spend money, and don't seek approval. All management knows is that the servers rarely need attention anymore, we don't have to even consider viruses, and we spend zero money on better solutions. I don't buy Linux, except for 2 servers with Linux pre-installed. Red Hat immediately came off, and Debian went on. All the rest were replacing Windows/Novell/Unix and installing Linux. How do you gauge a market size when money is not changing hands? Keep reading and believing the news, it will keep me in work.

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Good point

by dafe2 In reply to Misguided

That's another point - No money changing hands.
Now, where do you supose that will lead?mmmm?

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