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Oz and IT_Lobo - Where is the love??

By DMambo ·
Can you guys possibly play nice? Here is your opportunity to work out your differences CIVILLY in a thread just for the purpose. No need to hijack someone else's thread and drag it down into a flame war. Let's start with this premise:

"TR forums are a great place to air differing opinions on technology implementation and non-technical issues. The diverse backgrounds of TR members add to the value of the discussions."

Ok, now let's build off of that statement until you guys are friends. Go!

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You're just jealous, DMambo

by jck In reply to Eyebrows? sells...

And yeah...skanky is a good word...

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Ya know, jck

by DMambo In reply to Eyebrows?

I never fantasize about a couple of Hollywood hotties pillow fightin'. There are a few of my wife's friends that I might consider though. The problem with the movie stars is that it'll never happen in my backyard (oh yeah, it HAS to be outside), whereas for the ladies I know, it's probably as good as a billion to one probability. So it is in the realm of the possible!! :^O

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You're right, jck

by M_a_r_k In reply to Eyebrows?

Just look at how popular this discussion became as soon as we embedded a few comments about sex.

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by ITgirli In reply to Eyebrows?
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Metro guys

by M_a_r_k In reply to Eyebrows?

Well I am a bit rough around the edges so there is hope for me. But only 47% of chicks dig chest hair? (Does this mean that women prefer teenage boys?) Too bad. I guess I'll be single the rest of my life. The only thing I'm gonna shave is my face.

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dunno, DMambo

by jck In reply to Eyebrows?

Never one woulda thought they would ever be able to pay $40 to see Pam gettin stuffed on video...

Besides that...Angie Everhart and some other pretty hot hollywood type did some underwear superbowl halftime special could be just has to be right.

As for in your backyard? hottie wants to do it where the mosquitoes will bite...that's unrealistic.

If you wanna dream...dream big...think...bedroom while you cream sandwiches...hahahaha

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jck, right again

by DMambo In reply to Eyebrows?

You are a man of discriminating tastes. But you're still swill

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Pink Shirts

by JamesRL In reply to Eyebrows?

Of course IT girli, I could claim that people who get their fashion advice from NY daily news are losers too.....

I actually owned a nice pink oxford cloth button down in the 80s, when it was kind of a preppy look. I once attended a political youth event(conservative party) wearing it when some smart *** made a snide comment about my supposed preferences. Just at that moment a lovely blonde of sidled up beside me and said that I must be secure enough in my manhood to dare to wear it. I smiled, he stammered, and that woman and I (who admittedly was acquainted with me for some time) and I had a drink together. I still know her, and have worked on her husbands political campaigns.

I recently had a pink (well actually more salmon toned) shirt after a happy washing accident. My wife put my new yellow cotton shirt in the wash with something red which leaked dye and the result was a very well dyed shirt - absolutely even tone of salmon colour. I would never have bought one myself, but decided to try it out. I got a few raves from some of my female co-workers. Sadly I stained it, and don't think I will ever find that colour again.


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by M_a_r_k In reply to Eyebrows?

James, real men don't dare wear pink. At least not where I grew up! Unless you wanted to get beat up!

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Pink shirts part II

by Oz_Media In reply to Eyebrows?

Wel sir ou are right. I too had several pink shirts in the late 80's, a better female draw than a 4 foot....arm.

I also liked the pink silk ties, they were great chick magnets at the bar after work.

But then I'd go to work wearing a leather jacket and jeans the next day so the gig was up.

I'dgo to a party after work wearing a pink silk tie, and a Harris tweed. Not any party but one with nothing but big smelly bikers, nobody EVER bugged me though, I was the one with the expensive drugs.

When I was 19, I used to get th ecomments sometimes, " Hey, nice tie! "

My response, "So's the money I get paid to wear it". It rarely went anywhere after that, especially when that same person ran out of party favours.

I was given a salmon pink LaCoste shirt for Christmas, haven't got around to wearing it yet though, maybe I've just outgrown my pink Miami Vice just isn't cool anymore.

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