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Oz and IT_Lobo - Where is the love??

By DMambo ·
Can you guys possibly play nice? Here is your opportunity to work out your differences CIVILLY in a thread just for the purpose. No need to hijack someone else's thread and drag it down into a flame war. Let's start with this premise:

"TR forums are a great place to air differing opinions on technology implementation and non-technical issues. The diverse backgrounds of TR members add to the value of the discussions."

Ok, now let's build off of that statement until you guys are friends. Go!

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MARK shaving

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Eyebrows?

Your face leave you susceptible to skin cancer there.

It's bad enough that women outlive us by a terrific margin so you don't need to help them to kill us off!

That hair is there for a reason to keep the sun off so grow as much of it as you can but a word of warning here with facial hair keep it shortish as if you allow it to grow too long it only gives the women something more to grab hold of to inflict pain. :)

It's the girls who take pleasure in pulling the wings off flies so they can not fly away and the legs of cockroaches as they believe that they hear through their legs. It was explained to me that the roaches actually hear through their legs and it was demonstrated to me the principal as with their legs on they would run away at the first sign of some human approaching them but with all their legs removed they just stayed put and allowed themselves to be squashed. The same woman took great pleasure in demonstrating just how the more legs you removed the less that the roaches heard as they where slower to run away. :^O

Col ]:)

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swill, shirts, pink and tradition

by jck In reply to Eyebrows?

Thanks...I know I'm swill...King Swill, that is..

I had a couple pink shirts in the 80s know...Don Johnson look...Miami stuff...right.

I'd wear a pink shirt still if it was decent looking with the other garments I had on...well...unless I was in South Beach or San Fran...might get misinterpreted there...gotta go all black in that case.

As for the tradition M_a_r_k spoke of...I can confirm. That sounds like the mentality in parts of Oklahoma and Texas (mainly the farming communities)...if ya don't like the way they act...beat em up...yeehaw. for skin cancer...I hope none of ya get it...and...I only shave because my job requires me to keep a "hygenic personal appearance".

Anyways...gotta run...going to jack with Deployment Package Projects in .NET. woo........hoo.

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by ITgirli In reply to Eyebrows?

Not a color for boys. Would you dress your son in a pink shirt? I won't. So why would it look right on a man? It doesn't. And of course some girls like pink shirts, but most of them are psycho.

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ITgirli, a voice of reason

by M_a_r_k In reply to Eyebrows?

Unbelievable as it is, ITgirli is a voice of reason for once! Thanks, girli! I was fixin' to psyche myself up and suck up my manly pride and go on a shopping spree this weekend to buy a load of pink clothes. All my blue and red and green shirts were already piled high waiting to be torched.

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Pink redux

by JamesRL In reply to Eyebrows?

Back in the 80s, a pink oxford button down went well with a blue blazer and grey pants - adding colour to a a "routine" look. A navy knit tie would often accessorize it. The whole look doesn't work anymore however. Never owned a pink polo shirt - not my style.

If you are afraid of a little teasing, maybe you should just stay home...

And since my GF at the time, tall blond and gorgeous was a little um.....psycho... IT girli may be on to something.

Obviously I was not dressing to impress Mark or ITgirli and thats just fine...


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James, Mark-

by ITgirli In reply to Eyebrows?

Any girl that wants a guy in a pink shirt, wants a guy that she can control. The pink shirt shows a soft, feminine side that those kind of psycho women want to dominate. Maybe they should, themselves, try out the "other" team, so to speak. Taking the Wife of Bath's tale a bit to the extreme.

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pink = wimpy?

by jck In reply to Eyebrows?

hmm...seen some NFL players wearing them...and you know they don't have women controlling a lot of them.

As for owning one now? No...and at the time, I had no parents bought my clothes for me when I was 13.

As for if I'm a wimp...well...hehehe...if it makes ya feel better, call me a wimp.

Then if I see ya in a burning car...I'll remember I'm too wimpy to save your *** :)

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James and pink redux

by M_a_r_k In reply to Eyebrows?

James, if you're 15 yr old, yes you are afraid of a little teasing. Make that a lot of teasing. We didn't stay home. We just didn't wear pink or show any other trace of what is popularly thought of as being a "girlie man". haha! jck had it right. That's the way it is in those little farming communities. ****, young boys in those kinds of places probly go too far in showing their machismo. I know that my crowd did. But I digress...It's unfortunate and shallow how the color of shirt you wear will cause you all sorts of grief.

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All right, ALL of you guys/gals

by Oz_Media In reply to Eyebrows?

First of all, pastel casual dress was THE thing in the 80's.

I wear Daytons and leather too, I wear a StormRider that is ripped to **** from over 20 years of partying and camping in it.

I have no problem with my OWN masculinity, and neither do any of the women I've "dated".

As for women looking for passive males, that is only one very small psychological reason. It also is a way for an agreessive and controlling guy to appearto be a sensitive guy. So there's a two way street being missed there. It works BOTH ways.

Lastly, I wear clothing depending on where I am going and WHO I will be trying to pick up.

In most cases, a leather and jeans with boots is just too common in the Vancouver area. Wearing somethng a little 'nicer'(not neccessarily a pink shirt in 2005) will attract more attention.

I spend a lot of time in bars around the Downtown business district, nice women don't look twice at men unless dressed the part for the area. It borders skid row and the commerce district so dress is everything. You are either from skid row or from the commerce district and are worth picking up.

Two types of women in that area,
Women who look HOT, smell delightful, walk with pride and have nice homes.

Women who look skinny and sick, are shaking and twitching, walk while staring at the ground, live in hovels.

So there is a distinct need to dress the part or you get lumped in with the icky crowd.

I am normally someone who really doesn't go out of my way to impress people as far as how I dress and especially what I say, but when it comes to schmoozing and picking up hotties, you need to play a role. No different than ANY woman who goes out of her way to dress nice, smell nice and wear makeup, pushup bra etc.

teh racetrack, same thing. Bums on the tarmack (wear your shorts and get hosed while partying), or babes in the Diamond club, dress the part, look the part and play the part.

I am a salesman, always have been and always will be, no matter what my current profession. Part of my personality is being who I need to be in order to get ahead in life(in the real world, that is), like I always said to others who would smirk when I was a teenager dressed up at a party because I cam form work, I get paid to dress like this, and it pays well too.

When I was doing my own thng and even as an IT Admin for a previous employer, I wore Ozzy shirts and boots to work, like it or lump it.

As I am now working on building a new Western Sales office for a US/Canadian company, I need to play the part again. But as always, I get paid to dress a certain way, I couldn't care of someone thinks it's cool or not, I don't think being broke, or even looking broke is cool either.

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Late to the party, but here goes

by jdclyde In reply to Eyebrows?

Oz has it about in the 80's, and being a product of the 80's I have had several pink shirts and "feminine" has NEVER been used to describe me.

I like color, and contrary to popular believe BLACK is not a color, it is an ABSENCE of color. (anyone remember your science classes?)

My boys, age 13, both think that pink shirts can look good. You can wear pink without being limp wristed or a pushover. All depends on HOW you wear it and how you carry yourself. Yes, some people look real bad in pink. I personally look damngood! :) Think One also has the tanned skintone that he can pull it off well. Thing Two is very fair complected and looks better in a dark green.

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