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Oz and IT_Lobo - Where is the love??

By DMambo ·
Can you guys possibly play nice? Here is your opportunity to work out your differences CIVILLY in a thread just for the purpose. No need to hijack someone else's thread and drag it down into a flame war. Let's start with this premise:

"TR forums are a great place to air differing opinions on technology implementation and non-technical issues. The diverse backgrounds of TR members add to the value of the discussions."

Ok, now let's build off of that statement until you guys are friends. Go!

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Come on now

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to yeah.

Her Eye Brows are the only thing that look part way normal. Everything else reeks of plastic.

Col ]:)

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Mark! Mark!

by gadgetgirl In reply to yeah.

You gotta hairy chest?


I'm one of the 47%!!! I just LLLUUURRRVVVEE hairy chests! Nothing nicer than snuggling up, cuddling in, head on warm shoulder, and running fingers through hair on chest.

Ok, you, it's your fault.

I now need an exceedingly cold shower ;\

Do me a favour




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Gosh, GG

by M_a_r_k In reply to Mark! Mark!

Down, girl! I'm not like a gorilla; just average I guess. I don't know. I don't pay a helluva lot of attention to guys' chests. Yesterday afternoon I was thinking I was gonna have to invest in a new wardrobe of girlie pink clothes and also fork over even more dough for an extra set of industrial-strength razor blades. Now this morning I realize that life is back to normal again. Whew!

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Keep away from the razor blades!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Mark! Mark!

1. They're sharp
2. They might hurt you
3. They're only to be used on the face - nothing is worse for us feminine types than stubble rash on our chins from you lot being lazy!
4. Hairy chests, IMHO, are very sexy on fellas

I didn't say anything about gorillas! - ****, Mark, even half a dozen to play with sounds good to me!!! ]:)


oh, did I just type that?! I meant half-a-dozen-hairs-on-the-chest to play with.......;\

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by jck In reply to Mark! Mark!

****...I don't even like shaving my face...let alone body parts below that...

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Mark! Mark!

should I head straight back in the gutter with this reply? Yes? Ok, then my liege!

Who said YOU would be shaving body parts below your face?

(that's your vassals' job! ;\ )

Soz, couldn't resist, really couldn't....


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GG, you're a nut!

by M_a_r_k In reply to Mark! Mark!

How did this convo get so guttered? You gotta trust a "vassal" a helluva lot to let her wield a razor anywhere below your chin.

How about a shaved head? One of these days, I'm gonna shave my head just for kicks. If it makes me look like a goofball, I can hide out at home for 4 weeks until it grows back. I agree with jck. I hate shaving my face. It's a helluva nuisance and a waste of five precious minutes every morning. If someone invented Nair for a man's face, I'd buy a case the day it hit the market.

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Nut? Me?

by gadgetgirl In reply to Mark! Mark!

Dammitall, you got me sussed!

And, btw, I wouldn't be using a cut throat razor!! Besides that, I'd have to be on "pretty friendly" terms with anyone before offering to shave them in the first place!!

As for facial shaving - just remember back to the time when you were a young boy, and couldn't wait to start shaving so you could show you were a man.... see, it's all your own fault.

Proof of this is a guy I met years ago - never shaved, never started shaving, didn't want to. Still doesn't, and at the age of 52 has a face as smooth as a babys' bum!

(But, Mark, still, please don't shave off the chest hair....pphhhwwwoooarrr!) ;\


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Shaving - heads and elsewhere

by DMambo In reply to Mark! Mark!

Mark, when I was a young nut in college, I went from past shoulder length hair to baldy all at once. Big mistake. I DO NOT recommend. My buddy undergoing chemotherapy actually looks cool bald, but I sure as **** didn't.

As far as shaving elsewhere, when I was clipped, the urologist used a 10-cent disposable BIC razor. The clip-pain was bad, the razor burn was worse, but the porcupine hairs growing back over the next 3 weeks was worst of all!

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Mambo & Ms. Gadgets

by M_a_r_k In reply to Mark! Mark!

Mambo - I think it depends on the shape of your head. Narrow, pointy heads look goofy when shaved. Round heads look OK. I am a round head.

Gadgets - Yep I was SOOO excited to start shaving. It was SOOO cool to shave once a week. This friend of yours who never started shaving... lucky him; being baldfaced, he must be Chinese or American Indian or just plain lucky. Shaving is probly brutal to one's tender facial skin. I have resorted to doing a girlie-man thing by using skin lotion on my face at least morning and night to try to beat back Father Time and the effects of scraping off layers of skin every day.

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