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Oz and IT_Lobo - Where is the love??

By DMambo ·
Can you guys possibly play nice? Here is your opportunity to work out your differences CIVILLY in a thread just for the purpose. No need to hijack someone else's thread and drag it down into a flame war. Let's start with this premise:

"TR forums are a great place to air differing opinions on technology implementation and non-technical issues. The diverse backgrounds of TR members add to the value of the discussions."

Ok, now let's build off of that statement until you guys are friends. Go!

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and...jck...starring as...your Swill Boat captain

by jck In reply to Mark! Mark!

I've heard the shave below itches like **** too...don't have any desire to do it...

I also used to have hair past my shoulders...didn't go bald tho...know better...I felt my head and knew I'd look like a star trek klingon (I have some big *** lumps on my noggin) woman has...and none probably will...wield a remotely sharp object...metal or otherwise...near my crown jewels and royal sceptre.

Gotta go...end o' the day and I'm still in the middle of 100MB+ of MS patches.

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GG likes chest hair?

by jdclyde In reply to Mark! Mark!

Nothing real furry, but have always been more of a teddy bear!

It does get to be a pain when you get the candles out though. Takes a while to get the melted wax out , don'tchaknow? :_|

jd's rule to live by.
Try anything once. If it hurt, try it again! ]:)

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jd, you have a distinct knack

by gadgetgirl In reply to Mark! Mark!

of understating these things...

Do I like chest hair?

I LOVE HAIRY CHESTS!! Extra layer to cuddle in to, great to run fingers through, excellent means of getting my own way, snuggly and warm in winter

You have a problem, tho, darling jd. You see, I also adore teddy bears.




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GG and JD - Here is the love!!

by DMambo In reply to Mark! Mark!

This whole thread was supposed to be a healing moment for Oz and the nutty whacko dude. They've spurned it, but you two have accomplished what they have failed. The smoochy sweetness goin' down between you two here has added to the universal love quotient, and I'm sure Oz and Lobo are feelin' the vibes deep down.

Thanks, and try to keep the sheets dry.

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Mambo, you haven't been paying attention

by jdclyde In reply to Mark! Mark!

to either me or GG. If you had you would know we would both be more at ease on a bear skin rug in front of the fire place than in some boring bed!

Music playing softly, fire the only light, drinking guiness off of each other.... :8}

That or anchor dropped a few miles out to sea! Show me those sea legs! Woo Woo!

Oh yeah, Baby! ]:)

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From what I've read from GG...

by DMambo In reply to Mark! Mark!

I probably could have said "try to keep the seats of the roller coaster dry" or "try to keep the church pews dry" or "try to keep the floor of Grand Central Station dry" and still have been in the ballpark.

Oh yeah, try to keep the ballpark dry. :^O

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HEY!!! re vibs...

by Jaqui In reply to Mark! Mark!

don't give gg and jd any ideas, they'll be using all the duracells in stock up then!!

~note to self, buy stock in battery companies~

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AC adapters and extention cords

by jdclyde In reply to Mark! Mark!

Batteries NEVER last long enough to do the job right! And the extention cords can always pull double dutie for "securing" purposes. ]:)

Massage oils, now THERE is an investment! That and whipped cream ...........

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jd - you can....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Mark! Mark!

see my sea legs anytime! ;\

Yes, of course you're right, my darling, bear (bare?)skin rug, firelight (or candlelight, don't mind) but....

I don't drink Guiness!! X-(

Now who's not reading posts properly??!!

A nice wine (piesporter, perhaps) or a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale - well, then you'd be talking!!

Then again, could just go straight for the neat Tia Maria to go with the whipped erm... cream! ]:)


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now listen, DMambo.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Mark! Mark!

1. Don't like roller coasters - only thing I attempt (!) at the fairground is the waltzer...

2. Church pews too hard and uncomfortable, and besides that, most churches are cold and draughty

3. I'm not too sure EXACTLY what you're incinerating by the Grand Central Station remark - explain or die, pal!

GG ]:)

Besides that, keeping any of the above areas dry would totally defeat the object of the aforesaid exercise, methinks ....... ;\

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