Palm Pilots; Win XP (SP2) and Roaming Profiles in a corporate Network

By eblank ·
I've been to a number of discussion boards that deal with Palm Pilots, but most of these forums seem to be for more low level 'end users' that work on stand alone systems, and I can't seem to find help with the following issue.

I work in a 'corporate' network environment (Win 2003 servers) where all users are given modified (read restricted) Power User permissions and they are set to use roaming profiles. The issue that I keep running into is with our handfull of management and some field users that have Palm Pilots. Since Palm requires Administrative Priveliges to install the Hotsync program, and it must be installed by the account that will be using the device. This means that the average user must come to see me to get their account temporarily moved into the admin group while the program is installed, then moved back to the power user group for day to day activities.

Now for the Problem: The users will be fine for days, weeks, and even months sometimes, then one day the local machine will refuse to acknowledge the presence of the palm device until the Palm Desktop is re-installed. Usually when the user presses the hotsync button, the local computer will either popup the hotsync window for 1-2 seconds (but not transfer anything), refuse to acknowledge that there is a user profile for the device, or state that the Palm Desktop program is missing components.

This is a real issue for one of our users since he has some specialized data recording software that needs to be synced reliably each time he comes into the office. I am not allowed to give him permanent admin rights, and he is not skilled enough to sit there and re-install the software every day anyway.

Any ideas on this one?

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Track changes

by Aakash Shah In reply to Palm Pilots; Win XP (SP2) ...

eblank: You may want to run tools like Sysinternals Regmon ( and Sysinternals Process Monitor to determine what registry keys and files are needed by Palm's software. In the past, I have been able to give the user full access to the specific registry keys and folders that are used by Palm's software. This will allow you to prevent making the user an admin and it may help successfully install the Palm software so that it doesn't experience problems every few weeks. Good luck!

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Reg Keys?

by eblank In reply to Track changes

I don't suppose that you already have a list of these reg keys 'handy'?

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Unfortunately not

by Aakash Shah In reply to Reg Keys?

No, I unfortunately do not. I haven't had this problem with Palm's software specifically, but I have used registry/file permission approach on other software products.

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Admin rights to folder

by dave.schutz In reply to Palm Pilots; Win XP (SP2) ...

We've given our PALM users admin rights to the PALM folder on their hard drive. We didn't have a problem in Windows 2K, but XP seems to require admin rights for PALM to work.
We've had the PALMs for almost a year and haven't seen many problems.

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Admin Rights for Folder?

by eblank In reply to Admin rights to folder

By 'admin rights' to the folder, are you talking about giving the user/user group "full access" under the security settings of the folder, or are you talking about another tool? Currently all domain users have 'Modify' rights on the folder based on the domain permissions for our user groups and the local computer folder security settings.

Also, I am assuming that we are talking about the c:\Program Files\Palm directory and not another?

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Admin Rights for Folder

by Jxoco In reply to Admin Rights for Folder?

the folder may be C:\Program Files\palm or C:\Program Files\palmOne

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Admin rights to folder Too

by ccook13 In reply to Admin rights to folder

This solution has worked for us for the last couple years as well

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palm desktop

by Jxoco In reply to Palm Pilots; Win XP (SP2) ...

palm advises not to have more than on 'palm desktop' installed on a pc.
I have three palms use the same desktop.
Each palm has a different name.


and they have an excellent hot sync trouble shooter,,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(2630)

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not a desktop issue so much as a windows isue

by eblank In reply to palm desktop

Thanks, but this really is not so much of a palm desktop isue as one of a windows permissions issue, mixed with roaming profiles and domain group permissions. I have been to the Palm sync trouble shooter page, and they really do not address the issue that I have been facing.

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