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By entawanabi ·
In mainframe a patch is a wire with aligater clamps that Jump to or around something while it is being repaired, here a patch is the repair; andit seems it is a temperary one that is not supposed to have to be replaced.

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by Dr Dij In reply to 50's

are you just a bit deficient in English or are you rolling on some great drugs?

Or should I just increase the amperage to the aligater clips, and chech that thing in that screen that is supported by something?

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by entawanabi In reply to Curious

To end this now: I DON"T DO DRUGS! I can't get a job and i assure you that you won't keep one long since it is eviodent froom your own stating that you do! And Yes I am a bit deficient in English as I attended only American speaking schools, the language that computers use solely now that works consistantly always!


I actualy went to school to do work with computers, I din't go to get a Bacholar of Arts in Basket Weaving- where you may have used some of the textbooks including my work in weaving if you got itthree years ago as it states at Oklahoma Univ.

Also I'm not the one deficient I can read!

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Destroyed by alcohol?

by Dr Dij In reply to Youth!

Ok, you are in US and did speak english from birth.

This doesn't bode well for your posts, which others complain are rambling and non-sensicle.

You now don't have an excuse for these odd posts that appear to have no meaning others can fathom. I don't have anything against you, just scary that you considered some of your answers to tech questions OK.

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