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my father bougt me a computer when he was in japan. the seller told him that the windows is installed in the computer allready.
when i turned on the computer everything was fine but when i rebooted it all the changes that i did in the computer were deletet. i asked some friend of mine to check the computer and he told me that there is program called 'Pboot' in the computer that deletes all the changes during reboot. is there any way to unlock this thing so my computer will work allrigh?
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LOL..... Daddy purchased a 'Puter that is set up for an Internet Cafe...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to What is Pboot? It is a ...

... or school lab.

It's going to reset everything each time it's booted!

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by levanlm In reply to Pboot

so formating or killing the disk with the program mantioned above will solve the problem or not?

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to FORMAT

Yes, formatting will destroy everything on that particular partition. You'll need to re-load the OS and supply all manufacturer's drivers to get the machine back up and running.

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