PC Freezing...

By avonrep4u ·
Ok, I have PC that keeps freezing up regardless of the program running. It even freezes while in safe mode. It's also starting to have issues even booting up (hit or miss on this one).

I have done a cleanup, deleted all temp files & internet files, disk defrag, made sure anti-virus is updated and not detecting any viruses, have plenty of free space, inards are clean & dust free and fan is working fine...

This PC is homemade and several years old, but for the most part still runs like a champ.... It's had a new power supply 2 years ago, new hard drive 2 months ago and I'm running XP home edition on it. The problem just started last week for no apparent reason. I did install one new program (after the first time the pc froze though)... Also, it initially froze about 1.5 - 2 weeks ago, then not again for a few days, now it freezes after about 10 minutes of use.

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Video Card

by 1wobby1 In reply to yep and....

I had a simular problem & found that it was my video card I changed with another & problem solved. If you have onboard video I would sergest that u go to the manufactures site & download update drivers actually do all drivers on M/B

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Define Freezing

by willcomp In reply to PC Freezing...

Is the screen frozen with no mouse movement or keyboard function? If so, you probably have a faulty/overheating video card or a faulty hard disk. For the video card, only test is to swap cards. For hard disk, test with manufacturer's diagnostics. They are on the UBC

A faulty cap in the power supply is another possibility although that usually results in a reboot rather than a frozen display.

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Definition of Freezing

by avonrep4u In reply to Define Freezing

Yep, screen is frozen, cursor won't move, Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't work, only thing that gets it moving again is to hit the reset or power button.

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If this freezes in safe mode

by BizIntelligence In reply to PC Freezing...

then it has to be a hardware issue...remove all attached extra hardware and leave keyboard and mouse. Boot in safe mode and see if it works.
If still doesn't work then changing keyboard, mouse and display card.

Most of the time it has to be a power supply or CPU getting overheated.

Try isolating the problem with removing devices one by one.

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freezes in safe mode - removing hardware

by avonrep4u In reply to If this freezes in safe m ...

When you say all extra hardware do you also include the CD drives in that? Also, I'm guessing I should also plug the monitor, mouse & keyboard directly to the pc in question and take the KMV switch out of the equation (probably should have done that sooner to see what would happen)

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Yep I mean CD drive too

by BizIntelligence In reply to freezes in safe mode - re ...

Connect monitor, keyboard and mouse directly.

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Event Viewer

by Zenith545 In reply to PC Freezing...

Have you tried looking at the Event Viewer to see if there are any clues in there?

Could be a motherboard component is failing.
With the numerous components on the motherboard, you can get some strange symptoms.

I once had a motherboard where the ACPI feature went flakey and was shutting off a hard drive on me. Would run fine with the ACPI disabled in the BIOS, but this required a reinstall of XP also

You say you got a new HD a few months ago?

If this is a SATA II drive, change the jumpers on it to use the lower speed unless you are sure your system can handle SATA II speeds.

Have you tried to do a chkdsk on it?

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