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PC maintenance of personal computer during work hours.

By fbaisch ·
The CEO?s admin. assistant brought her personal computer into the office this morning and wants me "clean up" the system so she can give it away to her son and his wife later this month.

Here is a copy of the text of her email:

"Between your desk and filing cabinet, I placed my old computer hard drive from home. This was replaced by the Dell laptop. What I would like to do is have the hard drive ?sanitized.? In essence, ALL files, etc. deleted. When it is ?empty,? I have included all the software for the programs I would like to have installed. This is being given to my son and his wife when they come out this month for a visit. They will not be arriving until the 20th. As this is obviously not work-related, there is no rush, but I was hoping to have it ready for them when they arrive."

Now if my boss decides that I should do this, I don't think he should but he is not the most "forceful" of managers and I think he will have me do it. What I want is to address this situation in an email letting them know that I do not think this is an appropriate use of not only my time, but the parent company's money. We are a small company under a major worldwide company's umbrella and I am sure that they would not appreciate this too. Also, I have no idea of the software she gave me is for this computer or another one, like her new laptop. She does not completely understand the copyright laws regarding software. I know this from past experiences with her and software installs and having worked as a private consultant in the past, I will not load illegal software onto any computer.

How would you handle this?


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Be Politically careful

by aa8vs In reply to Make sure you document

What is not stated, could it be possible the CEO has already volunteered you? She then just assumes you know about that and is merely stating her requirements, in a nice way.

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Exactly, and then...

by jamesgrimes In reply to Make sure you document

...check up on the software she says she wants loaded. As long as its not pirated, then you should be fine. But if it is, it could put you, and the business, in a bind.

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Choose your battles. Don't complain in this case.

by stress junkie In reply to PC maintenance of persona ...

We all have a sense of what is right and what is wrong. I applaud your sense of propriety. In theory you are correct. However, the CEO's assistant didn't get where she is by being unpopular. I suspect that the CEO highly regards her services, which he/she experiences every day. There is undoubtedly a raport between them.

This is a situation where politics is everything. And by everything I mean everything to do with your future with this business. Just do the task, smile, and appear to be happy about having had the opportunity to help the assistant. You will benefit if you take this approach.

Of course you have to let your direct report manager know about this in advance. I am confident that he/she will tell you the same thing I said.

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I agree

by mark.naylor In reply to Choose your battles. Don' ...

I agree, your technical expertise has been seen(and you may have been recommended by another employee,so therefore not technically her fault, although her abuptness in the email wasn't the nicest way of asking).
I would see this as another apportunity to gain an strong ally within the company. You may need their support at some point, it's also amazing what little conversations go on about us without our knowledge...wouldn't it be better if they were nice?

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quit yer bitchin' and just do it!

by squaredge In reply to Choose your battles. Don' ...

This may take a total of an hour of your attention strecthed out over a day or two. This woman has the ear of the CEO... and you don't want to bowl her over with your charm and help?

I would say not doing it is career suicide.

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Wow, this is a tough one

by apape In reply to quit yer bitchin' and jus ...

I was in a similar situation. The boss asked me to do things just like that, though my boss never used an email. He would just pop in my office with the equipment, so it was impossible to say no.

Later in my career, a number of things caused my relationship with this boss to change and my actions WERE used against me later.

This time, boss used email to accuse me of "misappropriating company time" to his superiors which gave him leverage to eventually terminate my position.

I urge you to watch you *** on this one. I agree with previous poster that NOT to do it would be bad. But to do it UNDOCUMENTED would also be bad.

To be fair, my story is not as sad as it sounds. My position was eliminated for financial reasons for the company, not solely based on this libelous acusation. The boss who made that accusation was fired at the same time as me. :)

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how do you know she has the ear of the CEO?

by UncleRob In reply to quit yer bitchin' and jus ...

... methinks by chance you work for a company similar to Enron or WorldCom, maybe Tyco?


Standup for yourself, stop being a lap dog!
Straighten up that thing you call a spine and have some pride in what you do!

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Unzip your pants

by Zemi In reply to Choose your battles. Don' ...

Just let the computer sit there. When she comes to you and asks what the hold up is...unzip your pants. Works everytime brotha.

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You mean; to get you fired?

by rlgoers In reply to Unzip your pants

Cute reply, but with all of the sexual harassment training we get, you'd be promptly escorted out if you pulled a stunt like that.

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well that post definitely wasn't expected...

by UncleRob In reply to Unzip your pants

"brotha", hopefully you don't mind me asking "What the **** are you thinking?!"

Do you want to get the guy placed behind bars?

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