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PC maintenance of personal computer during work hours.

By fbaisch ·
The CEO?s admin. assistant brought her personal computer into the office this morning and wants me "clean up" the system so she can give it away to her son and his wife later this month.

Here is a copy of the text of her email:

"Between your desk and filing cabinet, I placed my old computer hard drive from home. This was replaced by the Dell laptop. What I would like to do is have the hard drive ?sanitized.? In essence, ALL files, etc. deleted. When it is ?empty,? I have included all the software for the programs I would like to have installed. This is being given to my son and his wife when they come out this month for a visit. They will not be arriving until the 20th. As this is obviously not work-related, there is no rush, but I was hoping to have it ready for them when they arrive."

Now if my boss decides that I should do this, I don't think he should but he is not the most "forceful" of managers and I think he will have me do it. What I want is to address this situation in an email letting them know that I do not think this is an appropriate use of not only my time, but the parent company's money. We are a small company under a major worldwide company's umbrella and I am sure that they would not appreciate this too. Also, I have no idea of the software she gave me is for this computer or another one, like her new laptop. She does not completely understand the copyright laws regarding software. I know this from past experiences with her and software installs and having worked as a private consultant in the past, I will not load illegal software onto any computer.

How would you handle this?


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Can tell where u work

by dgr814vr In reply to Unzip your pants

And how long will u be there?

A valid discussion is turned to mudsling

I would suggest confirming the task requirements with you boss and the ethics with his exec assistant

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She harassed first

by rheaton In reply to Unzip your pants

Correct me if I'm wrong. The computer was placed in between the desk and filing cabinet right? This indicates that the CEO's administrative assistant knows that this should be a covert operation, otherwise why did she not put the unit on the desk (easier to do that then to bend over and place it on the floor).

Many of the respondents to this blog have identified that she is in a position of power i.e. "possible gatekeeper to your future" , etc. She is definitely using her perceived position of power to influence your response to her request, man, look at the quandary she has created in your mind ... this has perplexed you dude. It may not be sexual, but it is definitely harassment.

Best course of action ... tell her to deliver the unit to your home, you normally charge $X per hour for this sort of work and see her response. The other suggestion would be to have her clear it with the CEO and have him send you an e-mail confirming that he is agreeable to her request.

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You open the flood gates

by sniperlt In reply to Choose your battles. Don' ...

If you do this. The the word gets around. "The IT guy can help you" You end up doing nothing but working on personal computers and giving out personal computer related advise. and then working overtime without pay if you are on salary to get you actual work done. Trust me this has happened to me in my former jobs.

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Politics isn't everything.... Stand up for what you know is right.

by shamusoneil06 In reply to Choose your battles. Don' ...

I'd rather hold my head up high and know that I:

1) Didn't steal from my company.
2) Didn't help another steal from my company.
3) Didn't help another steal from a software company.
4) Didn't do something I knew was wrong.

To do other than #4 is go to render oneself a spineless snail with no real authority in any area.

If you can't stand up for what you think is right, you're going to get bounced around like a tin can before you know it.

It's called Integrity. You either have it and are happy, or you don't and become just another ball on the table accepting cues.

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by w2ktechman In reply to PC maintenance of persona ...

I have been in similar situations. But, the people usually ask me if I will first. My response is this.
My company work comes first, after which, if I make plans for after hours, that is a priority. If and only if I have time to work on it I will.

I do not charge for the service, and I inform them that the best bet is to take it to a shop, especially since it can sit for several weeks/months. If they are fine with that, I have no problem working on it. And if I get it done quickly, I usually get a gift card or something.
But, I usually do the work after hours, or on the occasional day that I have excess free time.

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Owners family only

by oldbag In reply to PC maintenance of persona ...

I do work on some personal PC but only for the family of the company owner. This is a privately owned company. In many cases, I have purchased the computer, configured it and have all software licence information recorded. If the bosses wife is having problems, it does not matter if I work on it during business hours but keeping the business computer systems in good working order does come first.

I do not work on any other personal computers at the office. I will occasionally give advice but that is as far as it goes.

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valuable opportunity

by bob_steel In reply to PC maintenance of persona ...

Grab all personal info and details of porn sites off the hard drive and use it as blackmail to get a promotion

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by Wartickler In reply to valuable opportunity

You're a nut Bob. But I LOVE THAT!!!!

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Who Gets the Bill

by dogknees In reply to PC maintenance of persona ...

Ask her what her client code is so you can bill her for the time.

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by pivert In reply to Who Gets the Bill

Been there, done that. Am I wrong in thinking that you are -25yrs? I say this because I've noticed that most young people have this black/white views but as you grow older, you notice that there are a looooooooot of greys. And this grey situation could earn you bonus points (when you bump into the manager, ask "how is that pc doing") stuff like that. I think the new expression is "networking". the Romans called it "do ut des" I think. no, I'm not that old!

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