PC only runs with cover off?

By connectpc ·
PC only runs with cover off?

My PC shuts down when the cover is on and I must shut it down manualy from the on/off button,and the on/off button is staying on "green" static even though there is nothing functioning on the pc.... with the cover off it appears fine.....

Bad Power Supply?
Bad Capacitor(s) on Motherboard?
Bad Fan(s)?

I appreciate any input!

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Could try to make sure that the computer in question....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to ongoing pc shutting down

Is sitting on a wooden base so as to make sure that any static is kept at minimum.
When you had it on the wooden floor, did it work ok?. If so then that would be your answer, place the computer on a wooden base.
Hope all goes well.

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Along with the other suggestions

by Jacky Howe In reply to PC only runs with cover o ...

Faulty Fans, Dust and Grime build up on the Heatsink restricting air flow. I would give the inside of the case a blowout with compressed air. When blowing air through the fans make sure that you physically stop them from spinning, as they may generate power and **** something up. Remembering to ground yourself by placing the back of your hand on the Power Supply Unit and not moving your feet. By not taking this precaution it is possible that you could inadvertantly cause damage to the PC from an electrostatic discharge. Then remove the Heatsink, giving it a thorough clean and reseat the CPU applying new CPU grease. If the Fans spin freely when you give them a spin they are probably OK. If there is resistance replace them.

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