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PC Reboots on startup

By paul.ebay ·
I have a PC with windows me, it has recently started to reboot whenever windows starts, I ran a few checks and I thought it was the hard drive, so I have replaced it with a Maxtor 80gb, the bios seemed to pick this up ok, I tried to reinstall windows me and I still receive the problem, I have even tried installing the following operating systems windows 98/2000/xp pro all of them reboot either as soon as windows starts or just before on the splash screen. My pc is currently running a 800mhz P4 proc, with 128md ram and a 32mb graphics card, it has a 200w power supply, as I said it has run with no problems for the last 5 years and apart from the hard drive there have been no other hardware changes, can anyone help?

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by paul.ebay In reply to PC Reboots on startup

Any suggestions for software to check my bios?, also what kind of checks can i run on my HD controller?

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by statykserver In reply to PC Reboots on startup

If you the following spare parts ...great (if not maybe a friend can let you borrow his to test or purchase and return the ones you don't need). 1.Power supply 2. memory

The memory stick will be the easiest to change out and test so do that one first. (same speed and type) Swap it out with a memory module from a known working computer. Test it out for a while and see what results you get.
If you are still having the problem then it would seem that it is your power supply.
Switch out the power supply with another one (you might have to purchase it)
I have seen where failing power supplies cause different kinds of problems and errors making it all the more difficult to troubleshoot. (Maybe when windows is loading the power management causes the problem and the system restarts or drivers are causing hardware to run and consume power differently possibly overloading the powersupply just enought to cause it to reboot.

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by statykserver In reply to

Switch out the power supply, I just saw that you already switched out memory. So it seems the only thing left to do is the power supply.

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by TechieRob In reply to PC Reboots on startup

It might be a problem with the motherboard. Upon reading everyones imput, it seems that all the other hardware components are functioning. I had a problem similar to this once but with windows XP. It turned out that the system fan was not running and it ended up frying 3 cap's on the motherboard. Check your CPU for a "bubble" and also check that your mobo has no broken links or blown capacitors. Easiest way to check for broken links is to remove the motherboard and look at the bottom of it.

In taking it out also, check that it is not shorting against the case. A rouge case screw is the main culprit that can cause this.

My hunch is power / the motherboard itself.

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by s?mand In reply to PC Reboots on startup

I think that "statykserver" are right, it could be your ram card. Try to unplug one and see, if your pc can run. Your pc should be able to run with only one card.


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by RCOM In reply to PC Reboots on startup

Disconnect all devices from the PC. If you have USB keys & mouse get regular PS/2 type. So the only thing that should be connected is the keys & mouse.

Remove all extra cards like modems and nics Only have the video card installed. If its still intact re-install your original drive. Disconnect CD drives but hard drive and floppy. Reseat all the power and ribbon cables for the drives. See if it boots. If so start putting things back one by one till the problem occurs.

Something is using too much current so this seems to be related to the 200W (weak) power supply. That's easy to change and not expensive. Infact this may be a good time to pick up a newer case since your saying this system is 5 years old.

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by Walkerxp92 In reply to PC Reboots on startup

I would check your processor temp, when you boot go into the bios setup and find in the menus where it tells you your processor temp. I would look at this and leave it on for a while and see if the processor temp gets too high. Too hot is 160 degrees and up... usually you want to run under atleast 130 wich is a little high but safe.

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by paul.ebay In reply to PC Reboots on startup

I have tried changing the power supply to a 350w and i still get the error, does anyone have any other suggestions?

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