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PC sound systems - what do you personally advise ??...

By OldER Mycroft ·
After I witnessed a piccy from CaptBilly1Eye posted on TR, and the subsequent peermails from me to him to me, et al, I just wondered what the average TechRepublic Peer used.

Personally, I have two lots of Logitech's X-230 system.

I bought one set of speakers then was SO impressed with them that, when my gaming rig arrived, I bought another set.

Now I can listen to the Ride of the Valkyries as I gun down the enemy!

What say you?

ps - my flat is relatively small, but the room where I regularly kill the gooks is of avarage size. When nighttime falls, I tend to use Q-capable headphones, so maybe they give me an advantage. :)

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Mine listed for $129

by NickNielsen In reply to I use Altec Lansing

They were the display unit at one of the big box stores, had scratches (who cares?) and other blemishes, and came without a box. I picked them up for about $60. Worth every penny.

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Speakers? Depends ....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to PC sound systems - what d ...

What capability does your sound card have for Surround Sound?

I use a SoundBlaster Live with Cambridge Soundworks digital 4 speaker surround and sub woofer. I'm more than satisfied with the sound quality for what I use it for (games, videos, MP3s...). Unfortunately, they don't make my 5 speaker system anymore.

If your audio card is 5.1 Surround capable, here's a good choice at a good price:

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Creative Audigy II

by mjd420nova In reply to PC sound systems - what d ...

I use the Creative Audigy II's on all my PC systems with Altec-Lansing Series 100 powered speakers hot glued to the outer edges of the widescreen display, it also comes with a small subwoofer to make up for the lack of low frequency response of the small main speakers. A comparable setup for the surround channels. I also use the line outputs to drive a Pioneer SX-2300 amplifier with full power surround driving four Acoustic Research AR-1s for the home entertainment system. The AR-1s are lifetime gaurantee against burnout and you better believe it. The salesman pluged them into 110 volts AC from a wall socket and they didn't smoke. My kids burned out everything else I bought but not those monsters, they can't be hurt. They will rattle the windows next door and knock books off my shelves so I know they are better than anything you can buy these days.

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Altec Lansing again

by Jacky Howe In reply to PC sound systems - what d ...

121i series @ around $100 and when we party I stick a couple of old speakers outside and connect them to it. Now if I just had a remote for the volume control......

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