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By alpearson82 ·
Hello, very soon I am going to be hired as an on-call pc tech. Each site that I am going to be responsible for is 50-100 miles away from me. The company wants to keep it simple and include the milage pay in my hourly wage. They want me to suggest an hourly wage. What would a good number to suggest per hour be? Thanks guys, this site rocks!

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by Dr Dij In reply to PC tech hourly wage

Don't include mileage in your hourly wage or you'll be taxed on it.

A certain rate for mileage is NOT considered income by IRS but expenses, which it is.

If included in your wages they will deduct taxes from it.

I'd suggest you do what most companies do, you record your start and end miles. Along with company name you visited that day.

Submit these daily or weekly to your payroll person. They'll add up miles for week and cut you a check for this which will be included along with your payroll, or sometimes later. But it should NEVER SHOW on payroll income or be included in same check.

YOU will be the loser if they do this.

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Thanks for the heads up

by alpearson82 In reply to NO!!!!!

wow, I can't believe I never thought about the tax issue. Good looking out! TY

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and it would be a good chunk

by Dr Dij In reply to Thanks for the heads up

it benefits both you and the employer to put this as an expense, else the govt would take 20% or so depending on your tax bracket, and is getting more and more expensive to drive, with high fuel costs.

plus if it shows up on your salary, makes your salary higher than it is and you're less likely to ever get more money as looks like you're paid more than you actually are.

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