Pc will not boot up

By brutal2222 ·
Hello i am using ASUS p5n-E SLI and i was playing my game on sunday and everything was going fine and all the sudden the pc shuts down and it wont boot back up i took off thsde side pannel everything was fine and connected, and the LED is solid green it says on until the power supply is turned off, i cannot find the reset button anywhere on my NZXT {model pc} i have read the manual inside and out nothing about it "i am really hoping my motherboard did not fry it hasnt even been a year" please give me some suggestions

and a side not the pc will start up on occasion for about 1 second the lights go on the fan starts to run and bam just shuts off please help.
another note the modem shows internet running which it only does when pc is on.


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by morris-computer-repair In reply to Pc will not boot up

HI there normally the only time a computer will shut down that fast is if the thermal connection is lost. It's a simple fix, go to your local compute store an buy a tub of attric silver. Take off the cpu and clean all the old paste of it. then apple a fresh layer of artic silver, put the cpu back in place and then restart in safe mode with networking. If everything is ok you should be home free.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Pc will not boot up

I first think, not enough power or your Power supply is showing you signs of it failing.

Try unpluging other un-needed devices (CD rom drive, Extra Harddrives, take out one of your Sli cards, AKA try to boot with basics) as a temp test.

If that doesnt work you may need a new PSU

It could also be a heat issue, make sure all your fans are working and your heasink is properly seated on your processor.

And the most expensive and pain in the A$$ thing of all you could need a new motherboard, but as always K.I.S.S replace the PSU first.

Good luck

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Several months ago I had a simialr problem with my Asus p5p

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Pc will not boot up

board - turned out to be a couple of stuffed capacitors had done damage to the board as well. I had to toss it. Good luck

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