PC Wont boot

By JimKlallsoo ·
Hi there,

A PC i am working on appears to power on you hear the fan from the power supply chunter away making the usual noise. However, on the monitor of the PC nothing appears on the monitor no error text, no nothing. The monitor simply has the usual green flashing light insstructing me it is receiving power.

I can push the num lock key on the keyboard and the lights turns green.
Please note: This is wether i have RAM removed from the PC altogether or inserted.
With RAM removed from the Pc i receive no beeps.
with RAM inserted into the PC i receive no beeps.

The Pc's power supply has no on/off switch the only on/off switch is at the front of the PC. So i need to plug in the power cable and the PC appears to boot but as i say i get no visual display on screen just a black screen. If i try to turn the PC off with the power button on the front of the PC it doesn't reboot i need to physically remove the power cable.

I have tried new RAM. Makes no difference
I have tried new monitor. Makes no difference.
I have tried new power supply. No difference.

PC also does not boot from Win98 boot disk even though i know i had it set too boot from A,D,C previously.

I believe it may be bad CPU or MOBO.

Can anyone let me know if in their opinion they think it is CPU or MOBO

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by bernard_sinai In reply to PC Wont boot

Have you tried the display card (VGA)?

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Any solution to this problem

by tom In reply to VGA?

I have had this problem on 2 emachines and have concluded it is a motherboard problem. I was curious if you ever found a solution to this problem

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by ctrservices In reply to PC Wont boot

hard drives, cd drives, video card (if installed), memory (and anything else plugged into the board not needed for the board and CPU to power up). Make sure on-board speaker is plugged in. Reboot. Any beeps? If so, add items back one at a time beginning with one RAM module. If not, try re-seating the CPU/fan using thermal adhesive.

If it still makes no sound, suspect CPU or MB. Also, if you can get a POST reader card and insert it into the clean MB and then power up, this could show the real problem.

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In this case I would

by zlitocook In reply to PC Wont boot

Find out who made the mother board and visit their website. Some MB have spefic ways to install and use them, like when installing new drives you need to access the BIOS and tell it what kind of drive you have installed. If you do not do this you or you try another hard drive, you need to clear the BIOS by moving a jumper.
Read the install FAQ and look at the info on the CD to be sure every thing is ok.
Check with the MB maker to be sure it supports your version of MS and check with MS to be sure it supports your hardware.

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Same problem, with a twist.

by quil8 In reply to PC Wont boot

I'm experiencing a problem where the machine (mobo 661m03-g-6el) blue-screens or instantly reboots on a regular basis. I suspected the power supply and replaced it with my test supply (which I know is good). With the test supply the machine seems to power on, but there is no beep and the it ignores the 5-second-power-button-hold-down. I tried it with yet another power supply and I experienced the same problem. The machine only seems able to boot with the power supply that it came with.

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