PC won't start - motherboard must be dead.

By silentz0r_ ·
i turned on my computer yesterday and played some games, used it generally as i use it every day, and then i left my house. When i came back (about an hour later) the computer was turned off, and it wouldn't boot. I opened it up and checked that the motherboard's light was off, even though the PC was plugged to power. Any ideas what the problem might be? I read something about bad capacitors
Oh my computer spec is:

Dual P4 3.0 GHz x32
4GB RAM - i know it does not use all of it
uhm.. i dunno what else u need to know in order to answer my question. Feel free to ask anything and please, feel free to post suggestions!
Thanks for reading.

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Extended info:

by silentz0r_ In reply to PC won't start - motherbo ...

I have a voltage protector thing, but it's totally fine. The power light that is behind the computer is going on, so there's definetelly power in the power supplier. The problem must be either the capacitors or the whole motherboard

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or perhaps the PSU

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Extended info:

Power Supply Unit.

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You need to check.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Extended info:

Just because there is power to the light plugged into a different outlet doesn't mean the outlet that the voltage protector "thing" is plugged into is still good. It also doesn't mean the voltage protector itself is good. Let alone the cord to the computer AND the power supply unit IN the computer.

Without checking all of this, you're waisting your (and our) time.

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I had a similar problem from a customer of mine...

His motherboard and power supply checked out ok then i did a pressure test on his processor/heatsink and fan by holding down with just enough pressure to push the heatsink down, then asked the customer to switch his computer on. Lo and behold it powered up, so it can be either the processor/heatsink and fan. Just do as above but be careful. Found out it was the processor after all, put in a new processor and the computer was fine. Just to add my bit.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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This could be a lot of things

by zlitocook In reply to PC won't start - motherbo ...

As the others have said check the simple things first. Is the wall socket ok, check with a known good device like a lamp.
If that is ok your surge protector if you use one with the same lamp. If it checks out try using a new or know good power cord (I have seen more then one power cord fail).
Next check all the internal connections, reseat memory, remove and reconnect cables, disconnect the DVD/CDROM drive and see if that works.
Sorry but with most of these you need to reboot after the changes. I have a lot of other things to try if these do not work.

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