pci-express 2.0 vs pci-express 2.1

By Snuffy09 ·
From what i understand pci-express 2.1 cards will work on/in pci-express 2.0 bus slots you will just not achieve 2.1 speeds until pci-e 3.0 comes out... is this correct?

then will 2.1 and 2.0 work in 3.0 slots?


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by Snuffy09 In reply to 2nd that notion!

im content with my 2.7 dual core
4gb 1066 ddr2 ram
and crossfired 4830 and 4850

the only thing i wish i had was windows 7 but heck even 7 home premium isnt as much as most graphics cards... oh well

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You might want to try something, Snuffy.

by Ron K. In reply to 2nd that notion!

If money is tight and you just want to tinker try installing a Linux distro. I installed openSuse 64-bit on my old Dell, in a dual-boot configuration, and it flew. It was a lot faster than the same hardware with XP Pro. <br>
I'm back to XP because there are a number of programs that I use which require it and I don't feel like tinkering anymore. <br>
I remember the speed I had with Linux. Seeing my hardware really perform makes me think that Microsoft should get their act together. They should've fixed XP before moving on but, of course, then they wouldn't have people paying $300.00 a pop for Windows 7 Ultimate, or whatever it's called.

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What can't you run with that rig?

by JamesRL In reply to 2nd that notion!

Bragging rights mean absolutely nada. If your computer can run what you want to run, and do it well, don't upgrade.

When that next generation game comes along and the demo runs too slowly to be useable, then think about the upgrade.

I upgrade my video card every two years, my MB every 4 or so.


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What can't you run with that rig?

by Snuffy09 In reply to pci-express 2.0 vs pci-ex ...

im not bragging at all, i just noted what i was content with as of now.

i like your upgrade plan 2 years per gfx cars 4 per ram.

i know you may as well be a compulsive gambler if you try to keep up with it on a monthly basis. the amount of money you would spend.

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