By djarrett ·
How do I create a PDF file that I can send to a customer electronically and they can fill the file out electronically and send it back?

Thanks for your help!

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A conundrum -

by nepenthe0 In reply to Welcome to Sunny Queensla ...

How did you acquire so much computer knowledge working for companies using IBM Correcting Selectric machines?

I know - you're like Einstein, and daydreamed doing gedankenexperiment calculations to while away the time...

Rick/Portland, OR

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No not Einstein :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to A conundrum -

I had a twenty year head start.
A bit like back to the future.

Seriously though I have learnt a little about a lot of things over the years and I can assure you now that I am no expert. I have learnt enough to be extreemly dangerous. I will have to start putting disclaimers on my posts.

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Some thoughts

by nepenthe0 In reply to PDF

djarrett asked about how to create interactive .pdf forms. Although there are many .pdf readers and converters, there are few applications that do a creditable job creating interactive .pdf forms.

All of us have been compelled to use sloppily created interactive forms, where text is misplaced or insufficient room provided. This is usually due to sloppy craftsmanship on the part of the form designer, but the application makes a difference.

For those of us old enough to remember the Brooke Shields English Leather Christmas commercial, you will recall the femme fatale on a tiger rug: Men, if you're gonna do it, yagotta do it right. We believed her, and sales of English Leather skyrocketed.

So for those who want to create professional looking interactive .pdf forms, there is probably no realistic substitute for Adobe Acrobat Professional. I don't like their prices any more than y'all do, but they write terrific software.

Regarding saving of interactive text, there is a workaround to installing CutePDF (although this seems to be an excellent solution): use PrtSc to copy to Clipboard, CtrV to paste into MS Word. Format the mess with the Windows Picture & Fax Viewer, then attach to a return e-mail. Convoluted, but it works.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Well stated

by Dumphrey In reply to Some thoughts

for forms Acrobat can't be beat (yet). For that matter, for print quality pdf's its hard to beat as well...

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Acrobat is very professional tool

by PeterPatrickGo In reply to PDF

Adobe Acrobat would be the first choice if you have enough budget.

Or you could try some other payable PDF converter tools, they could also achieve such functions.

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