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Peer Messages from the "tolerant" Left?

By jdclyde ·
We hear all the time from the loonie left about the intolerant religious right. It has been almost a battle cry for at least the last decade.

Just how "tolerant" are these same loonie lefties with anything that they don't agree with? Here is an example from FAKE James (JamesG ) from Albuquerque, NM, not the REAL one (JamesRL) up in Canada.

One of your fellow TechRepublic members has sent you a private message:

From: JamesG@...
Subject: abortion
Typical Repugnant fool - keep government out of our lives! Freedom! Wait, you want to make a mdeical decision I don't agree with??? You can't have an abortion!! I don't approve!!
Well, keep your right wing fascist nose out of my wifes panty hose, you f@@k.

Thanks fake James. You have confirmed everything I had thought about you.

For the casual reader, you may be asking "what the H E double L is he going off on?"

I have to ASSuME that this is in regards to a recent discussion with "ABSOLUTELY". I was comparing the contradictions for both Dems and Reps, and he made the contention that Abortions are NOT "birthcontrol".

(my post, his reply, then my reply.)

My counter was:
"Abortion for non-life threatening reasons, or the rape/incest IS birthcontrol because that is the only function being performed. Controlling birth."

At no point did I discuss making this illegal or preventing FAKE James from taking his wife for as many abortions as his sick little heart wants. I only made the call of being HONEST enough to call it what it is. If you are not willing to be honest about this FAKE James, so be it. Maybe you can get frequent flier miles if you do it enough and pay for it with your credit card?

Abortions should be safe, legal, and rare is the stance I have always taken. Don't worry FAKE James, I will stay out of your wifes panies.

(what are some people thinking?)

NOTE: see how nice I was to NOT post his email address, as he has peer messages turned off? Of course, that doesn't stop him from peering others, OR putting his comments in the dicussion where they originate from? No, lets make it a personal attack instead? Nice and tolerant of you FAKE JamesG. Real nice. By the way, to you eat with that mouth?

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I said....

by Jellimonsta In reply to hmmm..............

BABIES from China. Not BABES from China!

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"So, who is it that CREATED this mess?" altruist collectivists

by Absolutely In reply to We could always take the ...

The mystical collectivism of the Republican party that insists on ignoring the real fact of individuality, but in a different, equally incorrect way, is no solution.

I am smarter than the moron who coined the phrase "the enemy of enemy is my friend". Machiavelli made a more useful, accurate appraisal of the value to a person of an enemy's enemy: such people can make useful allies, but considering them friends, just because of a common enemy, is foolish.

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Left or Right, Conservative or liberal, republican or democrat

by faradhi In reply to Peer Messages from the "t ...

The problem here is the opinion of many that you must be one or the other. You are either for abortion or against it. You are either pro religion or anti-religion. You are either a loony liberal or richeous right. And if you are anywhere in between you are wishy washy.

This guy appears to have his self esteem tied up in an issue that any suggestion that there may exist situations where his point of view may not fit makes him lash out. This type of position is what has created groups like the KKK, those Tree huggers that **** up processing plants and throw blood on those who wear furs, or those loon's that **** up abortion clinics.

I can usually argue both sides of any issue . I do not usually make my mind up until I can argue both sides. This is the difference between being rational and irrational. IMHO, the EXTREME left and EXTREME right tend to be wrong.

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Political discourse in the US

by JamesRL In reply to Left or Right, Conservati ...

I won't claim to be an expert, but I have been to US political conventions, read "Campaign and Elections" and followed US politics for a long time (when I was a kid I watched the Watergate hearings).

US Politics is highly polarized. I don't know whether its the fast moving sound bite media world we live in, or that politeness and tolerance have gone out the window. Its all mud all the time, and frankly the Republicans and Democrats are both very muddy. In the old days, parties would work together and come up with compromises that often worked out great, but there seems no will to put aside partisanship anymore.

Politicians of varying stripes in Canada have tried to introduce these kinds of tactics, and the voters have punished them for it. It seems to work in the US though.


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Canadian Voters

by BFilmFan In reply to Political discourse in th ...

I believe the peoples of the Northern woods and plains and dales and whatever else they have up there in the bear and moose laden land are simply literate.

The US literacy rates proves a large number of the citizens can't read and a vast number more can't understand what they read.

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I hate

by Absolutely In reply to Canadian Voters

when I agree with BFilmFan.

See below, and my upcoming thread "Satan bought a parka."

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party politics

by jdclyde In reply to Political discourse in th ...

Many Americans are too lazy and disinterested to watch the news or read a news paper. It would cut into their "American Idol" watching time. (heaven forbid!)

Because of this, people have tried to interject EMOTION into politics. The EASIEST emotion to get people going with is HATE. If you can get people to HATE, you can get them to move. We just got done seeing a whole election based on "Not Bush".

Dishonest people will blame President Bush for a lot of their hate, or the size of the divide between right and wrong (left ), but this has been like this for a long time. It is just people don't have ANY respect or restraint anymore and think that any means is justified to accomplish THEIR agenda.

There is a lot of this to go around, but there is a certain group that I DO see a pushing of HATE a lot more out of.

(nice to hear from the REAL James too! )

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"Not Bush" elections

by faradhi In reply to party politics

It is the "Not Bush" approach that is killing the Democrats. The Democratic party must give voters something to vote for. The Republicans did this with the contract with America. That gave people a reason centrists (like myself) a reason to vote for republicans. (Not to mention that my congressman at the time was a dirt bag that was getting elected because of his color. But I digress.) That, in combination with the Extreme left hijacking the party, has crippled the Democrats.

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True: Hannity and Lieberman

by Montgomery Gator In reply to "Not Bush" elections

Believe it or not, Sean Hannity was saying the same thing on the radio on Friday. He was interviewing Sen. Joe Lieberman, and Hannity told Lieberman that he would vote for him if he lived in the same state as Lieberman.

If there were more Democrats like Sen. Joe Lieberman (and Zell Miller of Georgia), then we could have a good choice and decent political debate instead of the usual "I vote for Republicans because Democrats are much worse", which I often end up doing.

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Another note about the "far" right

by jdclyde In reply to "Not Bush" elections

If you look at the positions of the Right, they are no where NEAR as far "right" as they used to be. They are still generally "correct", but NOT "far right". Yes, there are always exceptions to the rule but you can't blame the Conservatives because a few mentally challenged individuals will say or do something stupid (Roberson) that are NOT elected representatives anyways.

Good thing (for the right) that the left can't say the same thing. Has anyone ever heard Sen. M.Waters in CA say ANYTHING that wasn't stupid? How about Kennedy? Just HOW does he keep getting elected? What is the major malfunction of the people in his state?

How about the NAACP calling two black Americans to obtain the third highest position POSSIBLE in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA being just "tolkens". Powell and Rice just aren't "black" enough? That should be a REAL wakeup call to what that organization is all about. "If you work hard and get an education, you can be called a tolken too!"

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