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Peer Messages from the "tolerant" Left?

By jdclyde ·
We hear all the time from the loonie left about the intolerant religious right. It has been almost a battle cry for at least the last decade.

Just how "tolerant" are these same loonie lefties with anything that they don't agree with? Here is an example from FAKE James (JamesG ) from Albuquerque, NM, not the REAL one (JamesRL) up in Canada.

One of your fellow TechRepublic members has sent you a private message:

From: JamesG@...
Subject: abortion
Typical Repugnant fool - keep government out of our lives! Freedom! Wait, you want to make a mdeical decision I don't agree with??? You can't have an abortion!! I don't approve!!
Well, keep your right wing fascist nose out of my wifes panty hose, you f@@k.

Thanks fake James. You have confirmed everything I had thought about you.

For the casual reader, you may be asking "what the H E double L is he going off on?"

I have to ASSuME that this is in regards to a recent discussion with "ABSOLUTELY". I was comparing the contradictions for both Dems and Reps, and he made the contention that Abortions are NOT "birthcontrol".

(my post, his reply, then my reply.)

My counter was:
"Abortion for non-life threatening reasons, or the rape/incest IS birthcontrol because that is the only function being performed. Controlling birth."

At no point did I discuss making this illegal or preventing FAKE James from taking his wife for as many abortions as his sick little heart wants. I only made the call of being HONEST enough to call it what it is. If you are not willing to be honest about this FAKE James, so be it. Maybe you can get frequent flier miles if you do it enough and pay for it with your credit card?

Abortions should be safe, legal, and rare is the stance I have always taken. Don't worry FAKE James, I will stay out of your wifes panies.

(what are some people thinking?)

NOTE: see how nice I was to NOT post his email address, as he has peer messages turned off? Of course, that doesn't stop him from peering others, OR putting his comments in the dicussion where they originate from? No, lets make it a personal attack instead? Nice and tolerant of you FAKE JamesG. Real nice. By the way, to you eat with that mouth?

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Remember the stopped clock rule

by Absolutely In reply to I think I am ill

Even a stopped (analog) clock tells the right time twice per day! Likewise, there are some premises so obvious, two sentient beings cannot help agreeing.

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I've had a few as

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Peer Messages from the "t ...

I've been known to upset one or two people from time to time, though never one as blatantly insulting as this.
Even if you trod on a really sore spot, there's no excuse for this sort of behaviour.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Peer Messages from the "t ...

I swear people from Albuquerque are nuts sometimes. It really makes you wonder...

As for jamesg, I hope he learns some manners and actually fills out his profile...

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Not likely

by jdclyde In reply to Gah...

his posts are getting worse, not better.

No class. No class at all.

I see being a ditch digger for that young man when he finally gets kicked out of his moms house, as most IT shops would not tolerate someone of his low caliber of character in a professional setting.

Still, like I told him, people like him will ensure that Democrats keep losing because no one will want to be associated with people as insane as he is. (kind of like a miniture Howard Dean!)

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Good Post

by Xearon In reply to Peer Messages from the "t ...

That was a well written posting and a classy response to an intolerant and raving message.


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We all have our moments

by jdclyde In reply to Good Post

Thanks for saying so Zearon.

First instinct was to attack him as viciously as he did me, but then I remembered all of his posts (none with me to that point) and saw him for the little troll that he is.

It is amazing to be attacked by someone not even a part of your conversation. He must have some major issues, and I just happened to be handy to snap at.

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Message has been deleted.

by epasskv In reply to Peer Messages from the "t ...

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