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People who bring in odorous know who you are

By Why Me Worry? ·
Even though this thread is not technology related, I would like to know the weirdest and stinkiest things that people you work with have brought in to work and ended up stinking up the office with. On my floor, there is one woman who eats the same damned thing every day. I don't know what it is but it smells like month old fish in curry sauce. The really worst part about it is when she heats it up in the microwave and the smell spreads throughout the entire floor, making everyone sick and nausious. I once had to go outside because my eyes starting burning, I started to feel sick to my stomach, and came close to vomiting all over my cubicle. I know HR has policies about certain things, but why don't they have policies on bringing fish and other stinky foods to the office? god forbid we have a client or vendor come in and the place smells like a fish market or some Indian restaurant with the smell of curry permeating the air..lord help us!

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Maybe it's just where you live Tom

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to True, but...

But I always find empty and quite often broken glass beer bottles on my footpath {I live on a main road} and always heaps of empty fast food containers. Since the Beer has started coming in plastic bottles they just do not break {Thank God} but are a real nuisance.

Then there are the people who stop and empty their cars into your recycle bin on garbage night and I always seem to end you with half eaten pizzas and other food items in the recycle bin which then isn't emptied because it hasn't been used correctly. It is way too obvious seeing pizza boxes hanging out of the thing. I've got that one covered now but it did take quite a lot of time to work out a solution and it's been a real pain. :)

As far as people throwing cigarette buts out of the window of a car or on the ground there are quite heavy penalties here and it just doesn't happen that often particularly with Fire Bans in place you can be hit with some massive fines as well as paying for the fire to be put out so I do not see it to often.

Col ]:)

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And they should be properly chastised as well

by jdclyde In reply to Littering knows no bounds ...

It amazes me that in this day and age to see someone who is so caught up in their own grandness that they feel no shame in being a scumbag and throw their trash on the ground.

Who should pick that up behing them? And around the buildings I see more cigaretts butts than food wrappers, so THAT is why I mentioned it.

If they aren't out front and pick up after themselves, then light up all they want. I am NOT against them smoking.

It is funny that they send the smokers out into the fresh air to have a smoke though.

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Better kicking them out then . . .

by j.lupo In reply to And they should be proper ...

locking all the smoke into the building and making it unbearable to work.

I used to watch a tv series when it was on. I forget the name, but it was about a submarine. At any rate, in one episode one of the characters parents was a smoker. In order to smoke though, he had to go to a special place where all smokers were locked into a special room. They used prison phones to talk through a plastic window. :)

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Funny you should mention that one

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to And they should be proper ...

Some time ago we had an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease here because some AC Plant was not maintained properly and it was the smokers who where the ones who remained mostly unaffected while all the non-smokers where the ones who got sick.

Col ]:)

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it IS month old fish

by Absolutely In reply to People who bring in odoro ...

And I bring it in to cover the stench of your bin o' salami!


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My salami is kosher..even after a month

by Why Me Worry? In reply to it IS month old fish

try that with fish...LMAO

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