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People who bring in odorous know who you are

By Why Me Worry? ·
Even though this thread is not technology related, I would like to know the weirdest and stinkiest things that people you work with have brought in to work and ended up stinking up the office with. On my floor, there is one woman who eats the same damned thing every day. I don't know what it is but it smells like month old fish in curry sauce. The really worst part about it is when she heats it up in the microwave and the smell spreads throughout the entire floor, making everyone sick and nausious. I once had to go outside because my eyes starting burning, I started to feel sick to my stomach, and came close to vomiting all over my cubicle. I know HR has policies about certain things, but why don't they have policies on bringing fish and other stinky foods to the office? god forbid we have a client or vendor come in and the place smells like a fish market or some Indian restaurant with the smell of curry permeating the air..lord help us!

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No Dude, I also think certain chips smell like gym socks

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Speaking of dirty feet

What really annoys me are people who eat their Chinese food, McDonalds, or stinky chips on the
subways when there is barely any ventilation in them broken down train cars. I'm telly you, I once thought some homeless bum got onto the subway after someone opened up a bag of chips which smelled like sweaty gym socks. Just friggin gross!

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Attack of the BBWs!

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Speaking of dirty feet

So if those obese cows cannot control their eating habits or appetites because of a simple smell, it is somehow your fault that they are fat obese cows? They were farm animals before and they are farm naimals now and should not be looking to blame others for their lack of self control and disgusting eating habits. Bring in some dog poop in a brown bag and let it sit all day long, they will thank you for helping to control their appetites.

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You need to make up your mind

by jdclyde In reply to Attack of the BBWs!

Are they cows or are they pigs?

And somehow I don't exactly see a line forming to THANK me for bringing in a $hit sandwich......

Can you imagine THAT in the microwave? Maybe if that was your way of quitting!

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can of tuna every day

by jdclyde In reply to People who bring in odoro ...

My co-worker across the hall will eat a can of tuna for lunch just about every day.

That is bad enough, but then he HAS to throw the can in the trash either in the bathroom or by the coffee machine. Yes, this smells lovely by the end of the day.

I have since started to call him "tuna boy", and comment on his new cologe.

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People might think he is.....

by jkaras In reply to can of tuna every day

some kind of lady's man, wacka, wacka. I'll be here all week folks.

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Anyone from Hawaii?

by CuteElf In reply to People might think he is. ...

My dad used to nuke this stuff called LauLau in the microwave.

It was taro leaves wrapped around some kind of meat/rice. He grew up wiht it and it was his favoirte. If he pulled it out of the freezer, Mom, sis and I would literally walk to the car and go eat out for dinner. And order him to open doors and windows.

Its a smell, fishy, but not clean fish...weird stinky shti.

Kim chee breath is just as bad. Blech.

My stomach thanks you for reminding me how barfy it smells...grrr.

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I hear Poi also smells funky

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Anyone from Hawaii?

is that somekind of potato like vegetable?

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by CuteElf In reply to I hear Poi also smells fu ...

the poi is made from the root of the taro plant...sortof a beet/potatoish thing.

Poi doesnt smell, but its brown and gritty and looks liek quicksand. Tastes like crap.

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To make it even worse

by jdclyde In reply to Anyone from Hawaii?

would have to be the using of the microwave.

I don't know what it is about fish, but it is one food that their should be a law preventing it from being place in a microwave. It just does something nasty to the smell and taste.

And we here at TR are always pleased when we can help you with a little strole down memory lane.

Have a GREAT day!

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Mmmm, Kim Chee!!!

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Anyone from Hawaii?

I love Kim Chee!!! Hyundai has recently completed an auto plant here in Montgomery, AL, and about 1000 Koreans moved to the area. Along with other changes (including Korean language services at some of the Methodist churches, and Korean language and culture classes at the local universities) this resulted in a couple of Korean restaurants opening up, and they serve Kim Chee. The Chinese buffet restaurants (there are a lot of them here) also added Kim Chee to their buffets. I love the stuff!! Stinky, yes. Hot and spicy, yes. But I still love it. However, I don't bring Kim Chee to work.

Also, for his safety, I make sure my dog does not run loose. :-)

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