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People who bring in odorous know who you are

By Why Me Worry? ·
Even though this thread is not technology related, I would like to know the weirdest and stinkiest things that people you work with have brought in to work and ended up stinking up the office with. On my floor, there is one woman who eats the same damned thing every day. I don't know what it is but it smells like month old fish in curry sauce. The really worst part about it is when she heats it up in the microwave and the smell spreads throughout the entire floor, making everyone sick and nausious. I once had to go outside because my eyes starting burning, I started to feel sick to my stomach, and came close to vomiting all over my cubicle. I know HR has policies about certain things, but why don't they have policies on bringing fish and other stinky foods to the office? god forbid we have a client or vendor come in and the place smells like a fish market or some Indian restaurant with the smell of curry permeating the air..lord help us!

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Crack Computer Services...

by Hockeyist In reply to Only if you're showing yo ...

...will be a good company name for those types of techs.

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Just remember

by jdclyde In reply to Crack Computer Services.. ...

crack kills, just slowly sometimes. Or just makes you wish for it....

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What I meant wasn't drug related...

by Hockeyist In reply to Just remember refered to the butt-crack shown by techs with their heads under a desk while getting to a PC. Sort of like Crack Plumbing Services, with their head under a sink.

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That is what I was refering to as well

by jdclyde In reply to What I meant wasn't drug ...

OBVIOUSLY you haven't been subjected to the same plumbers crack that I have. Believe me, it is enough to make you wish you were dead to see that.....

(I hate when I have to explain a joke, means I didn't do it right)

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Fight back with Durian

by Hockeyist In reply to People who bring in odoro ...

Buy some durian and cut some up at lunch time. I'm sure there will be a compromise on workplace smells from that point on.

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by sleepin'dawg In reply to Fight back with Durian

WTF is that???

Dawg ]:)

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Durian is

by neilb@uk In reply to Durian???

a SMELLY fruit! It's banned in hotels and public transportation because of its foul odour but there are people who can't get enough of it.

"Like eating custard in a sewer", I believe.

Never tried it but they sell it in my local Chinese supermarket and it HONKS!! GAH!


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I bought some once not knowing what it was...

by Hockeyist In reply to Durian???

...and ended up throwing it out because I thought some sort of animal had died in it. I've tried it since and found it quite nice but it stinks real bad. It also stinks out the house for weeks, people thought my sewer was broken at the time.

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by Black Panther In reply to Fight back with Durian

I lived in Malaysia for over 2 years and they love Durian - even had Durian ice cream --

it has the sickliest odour you have ever smelled!

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New combination - yesterday

by j.lupo In reply to People who bring in odoro ...

On my way out of the office yesterday the hallway by the door leading to the parking smelled of Burnt Popcorn and cigarette smoke. We are in a no smoking area and people aren't suppose to smoke within 100 yards of the building.

Mixing the two smells as I attempted to get to my car provided an interesting experience. Cough, Cough, Cough, ... (and I am not picking on smokers - feel free just please be considerate of others)

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