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People who call themselves "consultants" and ask stupid questions

By ManiacMan ·
I'm just here ranting about what I'm seeing lately as stupid questions being asked by new members claiming they are "IT Consultants" or "IT Managers". Now I can understand if they're entry level and just starting out in the field, but I seriously take offense at someone claiming to be an "IT Consultant" or "IT Dept Manager" and asking stupid questions like how to promote a member server to a domain controller, or how to allow multiple PC's to share a single ISP connection. Maybe I am taking this all too personally, but I am insulted by those calling themselves "consultants" who don't know the basic things that should be known because it tarnishes the overall image of what consultants are. I pride myself in my knowledge, experience, and being able to call myself a consultant, but when I see stupid questions posted by so called "Consultants" such as "How do I promote a Windows server to a DC", it really insults my intelligence. I'm not looking to start a flaming thread, but this is starting to really irritate me as a professional. Any thoughts or comments?

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Never been on a Help Desk but if this is of any assistance

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 666 Thumbs up???

My staff before they got to know me well used to run screaming out of the building as I arrived.

When they got to know me better they kept a Lookout and left before I arrived. :^0

Then when I couldn't scare then SHIRTLESS I started terrifying the Management. That worked a treat as I was left free to do as I liked. Of course the word got out and my staff returned.

Col ]:)

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Okay, I'll take a stab at it

by Joe_R In reply to People who call themselve ...

The term or title consultant could mean anything from A to Z. I've hired a consultant before who was an expert on certain software applications, and probably wasn't very well versed in networking, but most likely had at least some working knowledge of such things.

?By the way, Mr. Application Software Consultant,? one might ask, ?before you leave, can you help us upgrade one of our servers? Do you know anything about that??

?That's not exactly my cup of tea,? this consultant might answer, ?but let me see what I can find out on that great TechRepublic Web site, and perhaps we can figure out how to do it.?

The job titles in the TR profiles are limited, to say the least. At best, it?s no more than a category with any number of subsets. A car?s not a truck, and a truck?s not a car, but both are vehicles. And a consultant is kind of like an engineer. It might mean one thing to you, but it means another thing to somebody else. And consider how the IT industry hijacked the title architect - Frank Lloyd Wright and Bill Gates both architects.

As far as IT Department Manager, it might be the closest thing that TR has to the computer guy everybody else relies on because he seems to be the most computer savvy, but he?s still just one of the users. Perhaps TR should include that job title in their list of possibilities. No, on second thought, that's too long.

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Consultants and Managers

by Roger99a In reply to Okay, I'll take a stab at ...

You made me remember back to the mid 90's I ran across an AS400 guy trying to install a modem in a workstation. He looked like a monkey solving a math problem. I was kind enough to set the jumpers for him.

Managers on the other hand, I wouldn't expect most of them to know how to promote a DC. It's just not their job to know the nuts and bolts of it.

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a monkey solving a math problem

by Joe_R In reply to Consultants and Managers
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Motivation & Practise

by LocoLobo In reply to a monkey solving a math p ...

Give the students a dollar every time they get it right and see how they do. Or better yet put it in a slot machine in a casino. Put in 1 dollar if you get it right you get back 2. I bet you the slot machine would be losing money in a day.

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Hmnn.I have been told

by Neil Higgins In reply to Okay, I'll take a stab at ...

that a cleaner,can call themselves a "floor manager".Cleaners are very important by the way.Without them,my office would resemble a tip.But I digress.Maybe if the profile options could include,I have not a clue,but I have just consulted a manual from 1999,we might get somewhere.However,there ARE a lot of very experianced posters here on TR,who are brilliant when giving answers.As always,it is only a few who write foolish things.

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Solution: pass a law

by Dr Dij In reply to People who call themselve ...

to prevent people from calling themselves anything that they are not. We'll have to hire political faves with degrees in such things as 'Training Thoroughbred Horses' to manage such an agency and supply it with billions to enforce mandates:
no one should be allowed to lie--
on the internet

(including sides such as Facebook, etc)
on TR the enforcers will verify claims that someone is from 'Botswana' when two days later they now say 'Rome, Italy'
I specifically will have to be investigated since my profile says 'LaLaLand, California' when in fact a MapQuest or search returns no such city. And Max will have to be investigated as his profiles says 'Nowheresville'

Other duties should include checking:
on resumes (saying they were programmer when they were help desk for example)
to women at bars (such as telling them they are a pilot)

Proposed name could be:

Bureau of

Thanks for the inspiring post!!
Should we not want to do this in the US in a stupid attempt to save money and prevent the proliferation of big govt, then it will have to be implemented on the 'WorldGov' level with a new UN agency with enforcement powers.

This would be better as we all know how efficient and honest the UN is. There is no chance such an agency could get out of control as all that would be issued are rubber truncheons and access to all our data records.. Good luck!

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by LocoLobo In reply to Solution: pass a law

I hope you'll let me keep my title. Village Idiot


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Only if...

by Roger99a In reply to Gee

Only if you take the gov't required courses, pass the gov't required tests and pay the proper fees. It's the only way we can ensure our idiots are idiotic enough to use that title.

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by LocoLobo In reply to Only if...

Well in that case...


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