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People who call themselves "consultants" and ask stupid questions

By ManiacMan ·
I'm just here ranting about what I'm seeing lately as stupid questions being asked by new members claiming they are "IT Consultants" or "IT Managers". Now I can understand if they're entry level and just starting out in the field, but I seriously take offense at someone claiming to be an "IT Consultant" or "IT Dept Manager" and asking stupid questions like how to promote a member server to a domain controller, or how to allow multiple PC's to share a single ISP connection. Maybe I am taking this all too personally, but I am insulted by those calling themselves "consultants" who don't know the basic things that should be known because it tarnishes the overall image of what consultants are. I pride myself in my knowledge, experience, and being able to call myself a consultant, but when I see stupid questions posted by so called "Consultants" such as "How do I promote a Windows server to a DC", it really insults my intelligence. I'm not looking to start a flaming thread, but this is starting to really irritate me as a professional. Any thoughts or comments?

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I agree to a point.

by sparks In reply to People who call themselve ...

I am new in the IT consulting world as I own a few other business in the financal services and medical billing industries. I will be happy to say that I am a far cry from being a professional "IT Consultant" as it takes many years to learns and master ones trade. I wouldn't like it if you started doing home or commercial loans and called your self a mortgage broker but the fact is all industries have these people that want to build themselves up internally and we just need to let them. So in turn if you see a post asking a "stupid" question please just lend a hand which will make me a better "IT Consoltant". I am just trying to fill a viod here in our area. On another note I don't feel right paying an "IT Consultant" money where I learned what he did in 1 hr took me only 30 minutes and he has been in the business for years. So there are many so called real IT Consultants who don't know a **** of a lot either. Just be thankful that you don't have me as a client. Sorry for being honest with my opinions. Take care.

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IT consultant / manager?

by juan In reply to People who call themselve ...

well, I can feel the heat from that comment but I will have
to totally agree. I did not spend over $20,000 and five
years in school, built my own small library of technical
book and 12yrs in the field to be at the same level as
those with "Given" titles by

Also, remember that just because they call themselves IT
manager or consultants does not mean they have the
education or experience in the field. We are trained
engineers and put our time as a grunt in the trenches.

Be well and at peace for the true engineers will fix the
world....not just take the credit for

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Take Deep Breaths, Rub Your Tummy

by burntfinger1 In reply to People who call themselve ...

You're never going to run out of stupid people or stupid questions. That's why Dilbert is so funny. Besides, to the person asking, it's never a stupid question.
I'd much rather have someone ask a "stupid" question than really mess up a client's system.

As for limiting who can call themselves a consultant, well, that's a slippery slope. The consultants I respect most are those who have 2 units of people skills for every one unit of tech skills and aren't afraid to ask a stupid question if they don't know something.

Having said all that, I do sympathize with you. I too get frustrated with people who take jobs way beyond their competence and then expect to be rescued - for free - by someone who does know what they're doing.

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