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People who never make changes

By ITdesperado ·
I'm running my own door to door pc help and one thing that I find extremely frustating is the ammount of people who call me back within a day or so because their system is playing up suddenly and when I ask them if they've installed any new programs, played with any settings etc their answer is 'Oh no, I don't do that, I don't know how to do it'. When I rock up, sure enough, they've had a ball and adjusted some things, installed crap e.g. toolbars. Is there anything beside sissoft that I can use to print out the settings or save to disk so I have a bit of a weapon against people trying to get a free service claiming the fault is because of me?

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I don't have your experience

by OnTheRopes In reply to This is probably the bigg ...

but I sure know where you're coming from.

I guess I'm fortunate in that I get a lot of work from typical home users willing to pay $120.00 for my fixing their POCC. I do quite a lot to make it as bulletproof as possible, though some of them just use bigger bullets and... they bring it back again or pay mileage and hourly rates.
I know $120.00 isn't much but I usually have less than an hours time actual hands-on their POCC. They don't know that or seem to care.
I'll keep doing it, I guess.

I also get a really good signed disclaimer and contract right up front.

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I guess I don't do it. . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to I don't have your experie ...

....because I don't have to do it.

If I did, however, I suppose I'd approach it like you, and look for the opportunities. It appears that you do a great job doing just that. I might also guess that there are times you "just say no"?

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It's just extra bread, butter

by OnTheRopes In reply to I guess I don't do it. . ...

and beer money.
You guessed right. Sometimes I do just say no.

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you forgot...

by dawgit In reply to This is probably the bigg ...

Home (ab)users who are 'experts' and barely know how to start and play games (only) on their 'crap' box and expect you to make it a 'High-speed' and 'High-performance' Machine that their imagination is dreaming of. And after 6 hours of trying to make it funtion at all, three days later you see it on damn 'E-buy'.

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Absolutely agree Maxwell...

by ITdesperado In reply to This is probably the bigg ...

A lot of home users do have computers that are crap, bought at places like K-Mart, bought hardware, such as a printer, based on the fat salesman's fancy words & phrases such as 'not 1 colour but 3 colour cartridges' or 'this is the scanner for you, it's able to scan at higher pixel then others' and yeah, they often are hesitant about paying half-decent money.

As far as their computers go, I love it when they buy crap. Keeps me in business. However, I do advise them to get something decent later on or I'll build them one based on it's main use.

As far as the money goes, I always tell people the fee as they ring and tell them it's a 14 day account.

I'd love nothing more then to work in a big company then doing door to door help, but when living in a small town, it's the best way to still do IT. Could move I guess, but ever tried to convince your wife to move elsewhere when her mummy lives in the same town? Even worse lives 3 minutes away!!!! Odd, I suddenly feel like taking prozac

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An amazing coincidence

by jardinier In reply to People who never make cha ...

I don't do any computer work now, but I used to sell refurbished computers and do a little tuition and tech support.

About three years ago I built for a friend (from second hand parts) a computer which had sufficient specs to run Windows 98, because he had won as a door prize at a club a printer and scanner which required Windows 98. [We are talking low-tech, minimum cost here]

Everything was fine. He was not a great communicator and I lost touch with him.

Then I received a phone call from my friend who had moved to Brisbane without letting me know. The computer which had run trouble-free for a year or two, had completely fallen over during the trip to Queensland.

Well I couldn't diagnose the problem over the phone, so I said I would email Col who might be in a better position to help him.

And would you believe this? My friend lived in the adjacent suburb to Col -- about one mile away -- and so Col fixed the computer.

Well that's all folks -- just a nice little story with a happy ending that I felt like sharing.

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That's a neat story

by maxwell edison In reply to An amazing coincidence

I, for one, enjoyed reading it.

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by dawgit In reply to An amazing coincidence

It is good to hear a story about a user whom was NOT an idiot.

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by pennatomcat In reply to People who never make cha ...

gives you a comprehensive report on hardware and software that you can print and file for reference.

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