Periodic assignment of unique IP address

By siraj.shaikh ·
I have a few queries regarding the DHCP configuration

1) I am trying to set up my network, where on the same network segment I have two different sets of clients that are assigned IP addresses at different intervals. That is to say, the lease assigned to one set of clients is different to the lease assigned to the other set of clients. As far as I understand, I can do this by using DHCP user class mechanisms, whereby I deal with different sets of clients as
part of different classes (and then each class is assigned a different lease time). Is that right?

2) Following up from the above, is there any way of assigning a random lease to a particular user class? Random in the sense that I would like to pass a range (upper and lower limits) of lease, and then let the DHCP Server assign a number in between randomly?

3) My main question: how do I configure a DHCP client that allows it to be assigned a unique IP address everytime it renews its lease? Is it possible to configure the DHCP Server such that it assigns a particular class of clients (or just particular clients; manually assigned) a unique (different to prior) IP address every time their lease is renewed? I am interested to know the answer to both questions, as in from the configuration of a dhcp client and a dhcp server.


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by retro77 In reply to Periodic assignment of un ...

For those two clients, You would need to seperate them by a router if you want one set of clients to get certain DHCP information than another set.

Why would you want the leased IP address to be different everytime? If it is different, then the MAC address table of your switch has to update as well. It's easier just to keep the same address and have the client renew it automagically with the DHCP server.

DHCP is designed to be really simple. The capabilities is really determined by what DHCP server you are running. I have not seen the option to randomize the IP address everytime on the Microsoft DHCP servers.

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